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10 BEST Daily English Conversation Starters Compliment Sentences That ALWAYS Work

by Chetna Vasishth

It is the English speaking course again
And today is Day no. 10.
When English we try to speak
Our conversation tends to be bleak
Talking to a stranger is the biggest obstacle
Figuring out what to say seems impossible
How about we learn a technique that succeeds always
Giving someone compliments and praise
Let’s learn a few sentences that can be said easily
To help us learn English speedily
And let’s get going

So today we’ll be learning

10 Compliments

1 bonus tip.

And let me give you a secret, the more you compliment others, in turn, the more they will love you. Because you are the one that makes them look so good.

1 . You are hilarious / You are so funny

People love to crack jokes with friends to get a laugh. Next time someone does that, you can tell them –
you are hilarious / you are so funny
It is a cool way of saying – you have a great sense of humour and the person will love hearing it. If they really make you laugh a lot, then you can say –

You’ve majorly cracked us up / Gosh! You’re too good.

2 . You are such an inspiration / You inspire me

Ever so often we meet someone who we can look up to. These people have created an impact on their community or you wish you could become like them.

You inspire me  / You are such an inspiration / You amaze me / You are a role model

Do you know someone who you would like to give this compliment to – make sure you tell them today.
One tip about compliments – (use the bulb) try appreciating something that the person has control over. Example – telling someone ‘you’re so tall’ may not be the most effective compliment. But telling them that they carry themselves very well or have a great personality might be a more constructive compliment.

3 . I love talking to you / You’re so much fun to be with !

You have just met someone who speaks very well and you’re having a great time with them.

I love talking to you / You’re my favourite person to talk to / You’re so much fun to be around / You are such a good conversationalist.

The compliments that people cherish the most are the ones that are unique and specific to them, and timing matters.

4 . You should be proud of yourself !

Everyone has done something they should be proud of, but no one ever tells them that.
When you’re talking to someone, try to look for that special achievement or quality. It could even be their positive attitude to life and tell them –

You should be proud of yourself / It takes a lot of dedication to pursue what you do / I learn so much from you / I try to implement some of your suggestions in my life

The key is to keep it relevant to the context but always go right ahead and give someone compliments, it will make both them and you smile.

5 . Heard a lot of good things about you

There are times when you have not really met some people but a common friend has told you loads about them. When you do meet these people, you can become a messenger –

heard a lot of good things about you. / Heard you are a great singer (OR) artist / heard such wonderful things about you

This line is actually a conversation starter too. After saying I have heard all good things about you, be prepared for a question – what have you heard about me? So make sure you have something to say. That way you sound genuine.

6 . What a wonderful achievement! / You nailed it!

Someone has a big achievement. You can say –

You nailed it! / What a wonderful achievement / You’ve worked so hard for this. Way to go!

More than the words, it is the tone of voice. Sound happy and give wholehearted appreciation. And be generous with compliments, people will love you.

7 . On a scale of 1 to 10, you are an 11

When someone has gone out of their way for you or they just deserve applause and appreciation for all the hard work they put into the little things of life, tell them –

On a scale of a to 10, you are an 11. / You’re the person that everyone wants on their team

You will see their face light up and they will keep smiling all through the evening. But make sure
it is relevant to the context so that you don’t end up sounding creepy

8 . I love what you’re wearing / I love your outfit / OMG I Love those shoes

Usually, compliments on someone’s appearance may sound cheesy so you have to be careful here. Also, the best compliments are those that focus on what people can control or what they have done. So, if you really want to compliment someone’s appearance, focus on something they have clearly put effort into –

I love what you’re wearing / You pick the most amazing dresses / OMG I love those shoes / You look so fit, seems like you’ve been sweating it out

9 . I love that you’re so passionate about

When you see someone’s eyes lighting up as they talk about their work or a hobby, it is infectious. We also get energised by that passion. Remember to compliment this person with –

I love that you are so passionate about … / Your passion always motivates me

10 . You raise the bar / You always go the extra mile

If your friend is a perfectionist and they try really hard to do the little things or to try out new
stuff each time, you can tell them

You raise the bar / You always go the extra mile

Bonus Tip

Sometimes we forget to compliment the people who we are closest to, so my special tip here is
that if the words and sentences don’t seem to work for you – give someone a hug, or just
squeeze their hand. If you find someone relaxing, just touch their forehead or shoulder – and
that will convey your message instantly

So keep raising the bar and happy learning!

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