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10 Daily Use English Words with Meaning | Improve Your English Vocabulary | ChetChet English Tips

by Chetna Vasishth

Hey, so you’re at home and you want to learn something new. So today I will share with you ten beautiful English words that you can use in your Daily English Casual conversation to sound like an advanced English speaker. So, get your notebook and pen out because I will give you 

  1. 10 of my favourite English words,  
  2. Their meanings, 
  3. Root words 
  4. And example sentences. 

So let’s get going.

Hey, everyone, this is Chetna and you’re watching ChetChat. And let’s begin with my ten favourite words

Word Number One is Euphoric 

Yes, this word comes from Euphoria and all you BTS Army folks are getting super excited already, right. Euphoria means extreme happiness, like super extra over the top type of extreme happiness. A euphoric person is one who is feeling this intense well-being or joy

Euphoric originated from the word euphoros,” a Greek word that means “healthy’ because Health and happiness are often linked 

Example – She was euphoric after her victory in the elections. 

If you want to use the noun Euphoria then you can say – after winning the prize, her euphoria was out of bounds

OR The drug produces intense feelings of euphoria. By the way Euphoria is also used to convey abnormally intense feelings of excitement 

So the next time you can tell your friends that you are Euphoric after watching ChetChat’s videos ha ha !

Word Number Two is Bamboozled 

Bamboozled means  to fool or cheat someone or to deceive e.g. the magician bamboozled me out of my money

Some people feel that it may have come from the Scots word, bombaze, which is related to bombast and means “perplex.”

Example – It is sad that the poor people often get bamboozled by money lenders

OR – It can also be used instead of confuse or frustrate e.g. the footballer was bamboozled by the intense defence of the opponents.

Other words you can use instead of Bamboozle are hoodwink, bluff or, deceive

And before we go on with word number three I would like to give a shout out to Meeta Gupta for leaving this lovely message which got 124 likes from you. And if you want a shout out in my next video then leave me a message with the hashtag chetchatters

Word Number three is Serendipity 

Serendipity means the happening of some event by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Like a lucky coincidence or a chance by fluke.

Serendipity does not come from Latin or Greek, but rather was created by a British nobleman in the mid 1700s from an ancient Persian fairy tale. The meaning of the word, good luck in finding valuable things unintentionally, refers to the fairy tale characters who were always making discoveries through chance. 

Example – Imagine you enter an exam hall and realise that you have forgotten to carry your pen. And just as you approach your desk, you find a pen lying there and realise that you had left it behind the last time. That is serendipity

Or let’s say you’re looking for a job, and out of nowhere an old friend calls you and talks about some vacancy at your dream company.  That too is serendipity

Tell me about some serendipitous happenings in your life, as a comment below

And if you are looking for more such smart words to use, then we have two videos on our channel and I will drop links for you below

Word Number Four is Gibberish 

Even though the word begins with a ‘G’ it is not pronounced as G-ibberish but J-ibberish

Gibberish is also called jibber-jabber or gobbledygook. It is speech that is like nonsense or something meaningless. (smile)  Another word for gibberish is mumbo-jumbo. It’s like speaking some strange words that have no real meaning. A baby’s talk is referred to as gibberish.

Or if you chose to say – igggily biggily, gollygoops, bazinga Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious then you would be speaking Gibberish

Gibberish is a funny word. Where did it come from? Some believe it comes from the Irish word gob or gab, which means “mouth.”

Ok, how about you make some gibberish sounding sentences and share them with me, quickly

Word Number Five is Plethora 

Plethora means a large or an excess amount of something

Example the official made me fill up a plethora of forms for one small job

My friend has a plethora of shoes, yet she always says she has nothing to wear

Plethora comes from a similar Greek word meaning “fullness.”

Example there is a plethora of people waiting outside vaccination centres

Or there are a plethora of crime shows these days but very few that can hold your attention

Tell me what you have a plethora of – pencils? Books or games? Waiting to hear from you. 

Word Number Six is Tranquil 

Tranquil means free from disturbance, very calm. An example of tranquil atmosphere is a hammock on the side of the ocean on a quiet day. And if I were there, i would go to bed with a happy and tranquil mind

The word tranquil comes from the Latin word ‘tranquillus’ meaning ‘calm’.

Tranquil is usually used for peaceful and calm places, if you want to describe a calm person, then serene would be a more appropriate word

Example – the farm was a tranquil place, far removed from the hustle bustle of the city. 

A tranquiliser is a drug that has a calming and sedative effect on a person

Word Number Seven is Jinx 

A Jinx means bad luck, or a person or thing that is believed to bring bad luck. Example – Someone’s put a jinx on this car: it’s always giving me trouble

Have you noticed how when two people said the same thing at the exact same time, one of them would quickly say ‘jinx’ to the other, a bit like ‘statue’ and unless someone took that second person’s name, they could not start speaking again. That is so much fun

Jinx can be traced back to the 17th century when a word called ‘jyng’ was used to mean spell.

Example – the injury jinx has struck the cricket team. 

You can use the verb form of the word to say – His luck has been so bad he feels jinxed 

Word Number Eight is Nifty 

No this has nothing to do with the stock exchange. Nifty is an adjective which means good, effective, handy or useful.

Example – I found a nifty little gadget for slicing cucumbers

Or there was some nifty guitar work in his new album

Nifty is slang to describe something that is good and also clever and useful. 

Can you use the word nifty in a sentence and show me

Word Number Nine is Bedazzled 

Bedazzled means to impress someone very much, because of being very intelligent, beautiful, etc.: It’s like getting dazzled by bright lights (pause) same way, this is like getting dazzled by someone’s beauty or brilliance

We were bedazzled by her knowledge and beauty.

The audience was bedazzled by the features of the new smart phone, at the launch presentation.

Many people are bedazzled by fame and money

Word Number Ten is Idyllic

If you describe something as idyllic, you mean that it is extremely pleasant, simple, and peaceful without any difficulties or dangers.

Example …an idyllic setting for a summer romance.

Married life was not as idyllic as he had imagined.

It means something that is heavenly, idealized, ideal or charming  

Do not confuse this with idle or idol. This is like being pleasing or picturesque in natural simplicity – like she had an idyllic childhood in the village.

I do hope you enjoyed this list of ten beautiful English words and Happy Learning. 

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