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10 Simple English Sentences for Daily Use 

by Chetna Vasishth

You’re learning English pretty quickly. When I read your comments under each one of our English videos, I can see a huge improvement over time and I have to say I am very proud of your progress. So today we have 10 simple English sentences that you can use in your daily casual conversations. Let’s get going.



  • So, what brings you here today. 


This is a great conversation starter when you meet someone unexpectedly. 

OR Do you come here often?

Basically, you have just bumped into someone at an unusual location. Let’s say you’re stepping out of your office or walking towards a shop and you meet someone you already know. You can ask them – So, what brings you here today? OR Do you come here often?

This is an open ended question that will spark an interesting conversation.



  • You know what! That’s a great idea. 


Complimenting someone on their ideas is always a great way to make conversation. This makes the other person feel special and they usually will warm up to you and become friendly as well. 

So, if someone suggests a weekend video call with all your classmates, you can always say – You know what! That’s a great idea



  • Let’s connect on Monday


So many times we need to fix a time with someone and we are confused about the usage of the prepositions in, on or at. So I will give you a simple logic

Let’s connect on Monday – if it is a specific day  – Let’s meet on the 15th 

E.g. our new video will release on Fridays – it is specific but since it is on every Friday, I can always say Fridays

Let’s connect in July – this is general – it means, anytime in the entire month of July. Let’s connect in the afternoon sometime tomorrow – general – it could be any time in the afternoon.

Let’s schedule a call sometime next week – again if it is general

Let’s connect at 7:30 pm – if it is a specific time, then it is at 5 pm

E.g. You can watch a new ChetChat Video every friday at 4 pm



  • I’ve heard a lot about you


If you’re meeting someone for the first time but you both have some common friends or family, then you can make this person feel good by telling them – I’ve heard a lot about you OR I’ve heard so much about you.

This makes them feel special and they are instantly attracted to you.

And if they ask you – what have you heard? Then you can say ‘Only good things’ and smile

More than the words, it is your attitude in conversation that matters. So be friendly, smile and relax. Even if the other person doesn’t have time to talk, at least they’ll appreciate your pleasant demeanour.



  • What are your plans for the weekend?


Showing interest in the person you are talking to always makes them feel important. You can also say – 

got any plans for tomorrow or 

got any weekend plans OR

What are you doing tomorrow OR

So how do you plan to spend the weekend?

Usually, they will talk a little bit about their routine and lives and you can continue the conversation on those topics

It’s not such a great idea to start talking about your own self in any conversation. When you ask them questions, it shows that you want to get to know them better, and they’ll probably reciprocate with the same. So you will get your chance to talk about yourself at that stage



  • Where are you from originally?


These days most people live in big cities and foreign countries for work or studies. So if you meet someone in a big city you could ask them this and you might get an interesting story about their hometown and how they moved here. 



  • Is there anything I can do to help?


Showing concern for the other is another great relationship builder. So if they are looking flustered or worked up then you can ask them – is there anything I can do to help. 

It is important to appear concerned and be respectful of their situation while asking this question.



  • No, but thanks for asking


Sometimes you want to politely refuse an offer. Let’s say your classmate calls and says ‘Why don’t you come to the mall today?’. And suppose you don’t want to go since you want to be safe in this covid situation, then you can always ‘No, but thanks for asking’

So, while you are refusing, you are also being polite and courteous.



  • You’ve got to be kidding me 


This is unbelievable, you have been taken by surprise with something that someone just said – you’ve got to be kidding me.

Example – your friend calls you and tells you that he suddenly got a call from some really old common childhood friend of yours after many years – you are surprised and also find it slightly unbelievable – so you can say – you’ve got to be kidding me – seriously? 



  • It was lovely catching up, see you  soon


OR It was great talking to you, catch you sometime

When you want to end the conversation on a positive note you can always say – 

It was lovely catching up, see you soon 

It was great talking to you, catch you sometime

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