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25 Daily Use English Sentences with Meaning for Casual Conversations

by Chetna Vasishth

So are you reluctant sometimes to make conversation with people because you get stuck and you don’t know exactly what to say. In today’s article I will give you 25 sentences that you can use in daily life when you are making conversation with a friend or a stranger in a casual setting. These will include introductions, conversations starters, useful responses and also five sentences that you can use at a restaurant or coffee shop if you head there for a dinner/lunch date.
I’m pretty certain that these sentences will certainly make you sound like a confident and fluent English speaker. So, let’s get going.

1. Hey Sam, good to see you ! – use this if you are meeting someone after a break. Good to see you.
2. Lovely to meet you – use this if you have just met someone for the first time
3. How’s it going? There is no ‘it’ here specifically, it is just a smarter way of saying ‘how are you’, how’s it going?
4. Sure! that sounds like fun – when someone suggests a plan to meet up or go out
5. I don’t think we’ve met before – introducing yourself to someone new at a party or gathering.

It’s often more than the words, conversation is also about body language. So sound interested, listen attentively – smile and nod appropriately and just look interested.
6. Pretty good! How ’bout you? – when someone asks you ‘What’s Up’ or ‘How are you doing?”, you say ..
7. OMG! What a lovely suit where did you get it – this is a great conversation starter – you can use this in an elevator perhaps where you are awkwardly stuck with someone for a while or just at a party.
8. I can’t believe how hot/cold it is today – the weather is always a safe topic to start a conversation and if the day is beautiful then you can say – I can’t believe how lovely the weather is today.
9. How do you know Amy? So you’re at your friend Amy’s birthday party and there are a bunch of people you have never met before. You find yourself sitting next to someone, you can ask them – so how do you know Amy?
10. What a small world – if you have just discovered that you both have some other common friends you didn’t know about – what a small world

11. I’m good, thanks – a smart way to refuse something – like an extra serving of food or a ride home, Instead of saying No thanks we can say – I’m good! thanks
12. What do you think? … asking for people’s advice is a great way to make conversation – so what do you think about the weekend plan OR what are your thoughts?
13. Do you have a minute – before you ask someone for help to make sure the person isn’t busy, we can say this on the phone as well – I wanted to discuss something with you, do you have a minute.. and when the person says yes – we can go ahead and ask them
14. Can I give you a hand – no this is not about giving someone your hand – but if you see someone carrying some heavy bags or lots of stuff – you can offer to help them – by saying – Can i give you a hand
15. Let’s grab lunch – if you want to suggest to someone that to out for a quick lunch

Now your friendship results in a lunch or dinner date. But you also feel reluctant about having conversations with the staff at the restaurant. So these 5 sentences will help you sound smarter and cooler –
16) Could we have a table for two please? It is ok to say ‘Can we have a table for two’ as well, but could is more polite. And always add the please to every sentence
17) Waiter – Sir / Ma’am, would you like some water – you, ‘yes please’
18) What do you recommend? this is a good way to find out what is good at the restaurant
19) Could we have one portion of baked vegetables please and two cups of coffee. Or could we have the menu please. Notice the could and please.
20) Could we have the cheque please? You could call it the bill – could we have the bill please, but I prefer calling it cheque
Now let’s see a few things we can say towards the end of a conversation.

21. Alright guys! I need to head out. It was great connecting with all of you – when you need to leave a group of people and go away you say –
22. Hey guys! I better get going, I have a long day tomorrow – can be used in the same situation as well – you can also say this before you hang up on a group video chat.
23. Thanks for having me over – if someone has invited you to their home or just somewhere, you can say this to them either when as an opening or closing remark to them –
24. Feel free to call me if you want to hang out – while saying bye to someone you enjoyed meeting and would like to meet again –
25. See you, have a good one! – this is an informal American way of saying Bye! have a good day.

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