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5 Best ways to improve concentration when parents are working from home

by Chetna Vasishth

Script Contributor – Trishha Jhaver

It’s almost year-end. This academic year has been different and rather challenging for most of you’ll. Instead of your friends and teachers around you, you’ve had the company of your parents who’re also working from home and probably a sibling who’s also attending an online school. Suddenly the quiet and peaceful environment of a classroom is replaced with the hustle-bustle and hubbub of the house and you’re struggling to concentrate on your studies. A sudden knock on your door, a shout out from Mom, the house-help cleaning your room! Oh! There’ so much happening at home and it can be a daunting task to put out all the noise and just FOCUS on your studies. But with exams around the corner here’s what you should do to give 100% attention to learning.

So, in this article, you will find

  • 5 best techniques to improve concentration cutting out the commotion in the house
  • 3 Mistakes to avoid during online school time
  • 2 Bonus Tips

So, the best way to enhance your concentration levels when everyone’s working from home is as easy as FOCUS! Stay focussed on F-O-C-U-S!

F- Find your territory–

Just like how animals mark their territories in the forest it is important for you, your siblings and parents to mark your respective territories at home. Identify your sweet working spot in the house and stick to it.

1. Make sure you have all your study material, books and stationery on your work desk in advance and waste no time finding them scattered all over the house.

2. Also, encourage your parents and siblings to keep belongings handy in their territory too. Else, someone else’s search for a blue pen or pocket diary may jeopardise your flow of thoughts!

O – Organise like a Pro–

In a house full of busy people it is best to treat each day as a party. Well literally, plan your day like you plan a party to the T. Discuss and keep track of each other’s schedules – you may have an important test or your parents may have an urgent zoom meeting that needs their attention. So it’s important to communicate in advance and adopt the ‘You scratch my back and I scratch yours’ attitude. No surprises means no reason for you to be distracted …and stay completely devoted to learning.

C – Convert into the Night Owl-

Having undivided attention helps you to perform any task more successfully. To beat the distractions of the day it is a great idea for you to bring out the night owl in you and study when everyone else in the house is asleep. Research proves that the quiet and peace of late nights boosts creative thinking and helps you learn and remember difficult concepts very easily. Also, sleeping after studying helps consolidate information and improve recall. A total win-win situation indeed!

U – Undo Noises and voices –

With lots of people in the house there is bound to be a disturbance and unwanted noise which often packs off your determination to study. Besides, it causes irritation and anger and literally feels like an invasion of privacy. So, just how do you filter these noises and voices and stay completely focussed on your studies?

1. Use headphones –

A pair of good quality headphones helps you cancel the environmental noise which means the sound of traffic on the street, hawkers shouting or your father’s animated meeting over a Zoom call. It will help you remain 100% engaged in learning, learning and learning.

2. Play light instrumental Music in the room –

Soothing music has a great impact on one’s mood…it just miraculously lifts the spirit and helps improve concentration and focus. Besides, it cuts out the unwanted noise that otherwise seems to throw you off guard.

S – Start making notes –

Making notes during class or when you are self-studying helps you focus and understand the main concepts easily. It ensures you put your 100% concentration in doing one thing at a time. Good note-making improves your active listening, comprehension of the chapter and retention. Besides, these notes will be very useful when you want to do a quick revision of the chapter.

Now for the BONUS TIPS to make sure you remain steadfast in your emotion in spite of the commotion of your parents working from home!

Grazing Time –

Incentives are a great motivation for achieving results. It’s but natural that you’re used to spending a lot of time together as a family. Why not create a Grazing time sometime during mid-day where your parents, grandparents, siblings all gather around the table for a power snack and some catching-up. This short interval is the perfect way to rejuvenate you and make sure you don’t find reasons to make conversations or give updates during your study time.

Keep up with Homework schedule –

Being committed to complete your HW in time is a great way to stay focussed on your study. This also gives you the opportunity to cover up in case you’ve been distracted or missed something important in class. Finishing HW helps you achieve everyday milestones and is a great academic achievement. Besides, it keeps you updated and ready for a new school day.

Now…let’s look at the top 3 mistakes that students make to get easily sidetracked in a house full of people.

MISTAKE 1: The case of the Curious cat –

You don’t have to step out to check who’s come each time the house doorbell rings. You’ll have ample opportunities to answer the doorbell through the day. When you’re studying let go of the cat in you and keep the focus on the bull’s eye!

MISTAKE 2: Playing Monitor Monitor –

So we know you miss school but you don’t have to play monitor-monitor to your parents and sibling during study time. No fault-finding, no giving reminders to them, no instructions – Just mind your own business and get YOUR job done!

MISTAKE 3: Getting carried away with the Call of Duty –

With everyone at home, it’s good to divide the household chores and have everyone chip in. But you have to manage your time smartly and remain focussed on getting the jobs done and over with. Don’t try and be extra helpful or consider everyone’s duties as yours and conveniently ignore your studies! Remember, your prime duty is to remain focussed on getting good grades!

So, here is the best way to ensure you remain steadfast and focus on your studies with 100% concentration although there is a host of distractions from your work-from-home parents and siblings! Happy learning and all the best!

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