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Boston University student experience

by Chetna Vasishth

This article is a transcript of a videoChetChat with Alok Ranpise, Junior at Boston University (BU). Read this to know about his experience at Boston University, what makes BU unique, advice for high school students, computer science and international relations majors, study abroad program in South Korea, why he loves Boston, why he chose to study in BU and lots more.

1. Why he Chose to study in Boston University

  1. BU is a perfect mix of being urban yet not a business district
  2. Boston is full of students
  3. Boston University Campus is right by the Charles river
  4. Boston is a beautiful location with most buildings having a great view of the river
  5. North end district is very popular among students
  6. Boston University Campus Tour
  7. Boston University Tour

2. Boston University dorms

  1. University of Boston promises accommodation for all four years
  2. Student Village is the pricey dorm and very good accommodation
  3. Student village is located in a bustling area of Fenway park
  4. Dorms have great facilities, location and views

3. Boston University Unique features

  1. Boston University Medical School has great pre-med and biology programs
  2. The BU Questroom Business school is very popular
  3. Boston University Law School is very popular with a beautiful location
  4. Start-up Culture around Boston is throbbing
  5. Computer Science is a popular major at Boston University
  6. Several tech companies are relocating to Boston

4. Change of Major

  1. Changed from computer Science to International Relations
  2. He wanted to pursue Video game design
  3. International Relations combines history, political science, sociology, economics
  4. His focus is on Asian Culture
  5. He took two weeks to convince his school

5. Study abroad at Korea

  1. At Seoul National University
  2. SNU Seoul is famous for International Relations
  3. Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of United Nations was an alumnus of SNU
  4. He worked on US foreign policy, diplomacy between North and South Kore
  5. Professors were former foreign ministers, congressional research service workers and former members of the CIA
  6. Planning another study abroad in Geneva and London, about local history, conflict resolution. Conflicts in Ireland, Kashmir and Sudan will be covered

6. Advice for High School Students

  1. Studying history, economics and political science at high school would help
  2. International students should try to make friends with students from various nationalities, and not stick to the Boston University India Club
  3. You get exposure to people who have different political and cultural values
  4. One word to describe BU is ‘busy’

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