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Career in Fine Arts at SAIC, Chicago

by Chetna Vasishth

This article is a transcript of a videoChetChat with Al-qawiNanavati, a Junior at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). She talks at Chet Chat about her journey from a painter to a multimedia artist, career advice for Art Students, how to pursue a career in fine art, how to become an artist, how to study in art school in the USA, how to be a part of art exhibitions early, her style of work, housing at SAIC and lots more.

1. About the SAIC –

  1. Al-qawi talks of how she went to School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) as a painting major, took up courses in photography and print media and is now on the way to become a multimedia artist
  2. Departments of fibre and material studies, film video new media, painting, drawing, photography, print media, sculpture, ceramics, also a writing program.
  3. As a school they make you think

2. Choosing Majors

  1. You don’t need to choose a major in SAIC
  2. She has taken a class in fibres, art therapy, painting, drawing, photography, print media, sculpture
  3. Some courses in art history, liberal arts, social sciences, natural sciences etc. are mandatory pre-requisites
  4. You can be a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Studio (Degree in Art)
  5. You can also do Architecture or Visual Communications
  6. Fine arts academy with a fine arts course

3. Early Interest

  1. Her father was very interested in Art
  2. He encouraged her from a very early age to be an artist
  3. She always wanted to be an artist and not design

4. Advice to High School Students

  1. If you’re not entirely sure you should explore more
  2. She did not know about print media practices till she went to college
  3. Ask other artists and be sure of what you are getting into
  4. Understand your chosen medium

5. Activities

  1. She is part of the student programming board at School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  2. She is a residence life co-ordinator
  3. Has got a job as a teaching assistant
  4. She is a leader with Namaste SAIC
  5. Leading ‘SPEAK’ a sexual assault awareness
  6. A mental health awareness group called ‘ACTIVE MINDS’

6. Assessment

  1. There is no GPA in The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  2. Attendance is given importance
  3. Critiques are done on the work
  4. Most students go in for a Cold Read

7. Class Sizes

  1. Small class sizes
  2. Makes it difficult to get into classes

8. Career Advice for an Artist

  1. Career and Co-op centre for artist career advice
  2. Volunteer at places to teach
  3. Initially you would need to struggle – assist an artist, gallery assistant, do an internship
  4. On Facebook you can join groups that have call for artists
  5. Start off in your first or second year
  6. Build your own website and keep updating your work
  7. Have a resume that you are filling out from the first year
  8. Multimedia artist career advice

9. Her work and inspiration

  1. Al-qawi follows Islam, she is an Arkhani Muslim
  2. She has a series called Bandagi which is inspired by repetitive prayer
  3. Used screen printing to make repetitive prints

10. One word to describe the school

  1. Diverse, Accepting
  2. The school is open to new ideas, events, large international student body

11. Housing

  1. School of the Art Institute of Chicago dorms
  2. Housing is very comfortable

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