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by Chetna Vasishth

This is a transcript of our video discussion on ChetChat with Sachin Daga, Advocate at Supreme Court of India on how to become a lawyer in India. Sachin Daga is a practicing lawyer and runs a company called Banthia and Co. Advocates. Watch the video where Advocate Sachin Daga in a ChetChattalks about a career in law, how to become a lawyer, how to have a career as a lawyer, the age limit to become a lawyer, corporate law and litigation, careers in bachelor of laws, hear some top tips for law and how to become a successful lawyer, he discusses the career options in law after 12th and more

He gives Advice on how to become a lawyer after working in another field. Speclisations like civil and criminal law were traditional specialisations. Recently Arbitration, International Law, Cyber Law – have evolved He gives advice on how you can build your own career. He shares that in India there are 1.5 M advocates, 400,000 to 500,000 students

How to become a lawyer after graduation and after 12th. Some new courses are there, opportunities are manifold, it is up to the person for example arbitration Law, Banking, Cyber Law, Intellectual Property Law, Private Laws, Public Laws, Commercial Laws, Mergers and Acquisitions, Marine Law, Space Law, Environmental Law.

Corporate Law advantages and disadvantages – on the positive side are a Comfortable office environment, growth in the corporate legal sector – banking law, international law, competent law, arbitration, predictable salary and defined job role. Office timings also predictable.

Litigation pays well in the long term. There are four categories of Law careers

  1. Litigation –
  2. Arguing in court
  3. Drafting and procedural law
  4. Government Jobs
  5. Indian Legal Services
  6. Law Secretary

iii. Registrar, collector, notary public

  1. Judges – judicial clerks
  2. Academics require you to pursue a post-graduation and PhD
  3. Corporate Jobs

Common Skills that a lawyer must possess a. Diligence and Responsibility, hard work, reading, communication skills, ability to think laterally and quickly, anticipation, lifelong learning. Some good books to read are

Fali S Nariman – Turning Point of Life,

Chief Justice MC Chagla – Roses in December

The success of a lawyer depends upon himself, having a good well rounded personality, good networking and contacts

Law Courses a. 3 year LLB b. 5 year integrated Programs 12. Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) – Law Entrance Examination covers

  1. English
  2. General Knowledge
  3. Math
  4. Legal Aptitude
  5. Logical Reasoning.

You can prepare by a. Classroom teaching, online courses, self study or crash courses. In order to study Law abroad you are required to apply for the LSAT – Law School Admission Test. You can study in the US / UK and come back to India. After coming back you can enroll yourself in the bar council of India, apply for Sanad and give the All India Bar Examination

Recommended Books

  1. Anonymous Lawyer by Jeremy Blachman
  2. Making your case by Antonin Scalia
  3. How to argue and win every time by Gerry Spence

Recommended TV Shows

  1. Boston Legal
  2. Suits
  3. Better call saul
  4. How to get away with murder

Top career Tips for law – running your own practice. Lawyers are their own brand

  1. build trust with clients
  2. Choose your clients wisely
  3. Set clear goals
  4. Value your time
  5. Proactive communication with clients

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