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CLAT Exam Tips, Tricks and Success Mantras

by Chetna Vasishth

This is a video interview on CLAT Exam Tips: Tricks & Success Mantra for CLAT Exam by Ananya Patwardhan telling us How to Prepare for CLAT, CLAT exam tips and CLAT exam preparation tips, she shares her success mantra with exam tips for students, strategies of how to prepare for CLAT.

In this discussion you can learn how to prepare for CLAT, MHCET, AILET etc. at home, how to prepare for the CLAT exam and the best books for clart preparation, also some online resources and apps for CLAT preparation. Ananya Patwardhan gives us tips and tricks on how to crack the CLAT exam, tips from a CLAT topper, CLAT preparation video with a CLAT topper interview. Ananya talks of the CLAT exam pattern, the five sections, CLAT exam details and CLAT exam strategy. She gives some strategies for negative marking and preparation as well. How to succeed at the common law admission test and her success mantras for the CLAT exam, some tricks for CLAT and she tells us what the CLAT exam is all about.

Ananya Patwardhan scored a rank 19 at the CLAT (common law admissions test) held recently and

she’s headed to NLU national law university at Bangalore

The preparation –

So, I began in 11th grade itself but I didn’t focus as much as I should have in 11 so the majority of my preparation began in the 12th grade.


There are five sections and some sections probably need different kinds of time and attention.

Section 1 – General Knowledge

Yes so General Knowledge (GK) is a section which requires constant preparation, so you cannot neglect it even for a day, so you need to do that throughout the year because there are at least 30 news items every day

You should read newspapers, since it helps both for GK and the editorials also help improve your vocabulary and for reading comprehension. From those newspapers you can make your own notes. You can keep a book in which you can collect the news from throughout the year you can divide it into sections like important days appointments awards important people who died this year.

For GK it is important to work every day.

Section 2 – Vocabulary and Reading comprehension

For vocabulary, one way to learn those words will be to use flashcards. So if you are say traveling to college and it takes you about an hour then you can keep some flashcards with you or maybe have an app which has a set of flashcards right and then you can use those to learn the words use word associations maybe learn the root words that can help you remember those.

Section 3 – Mathematics

Math seems to scare some people. But Math is very easy and basic so I would strongly advise against neglecting Mathematics because those are twenty marks you can really pocket and because many people are afraid of math they may choose not to attempt it at all.

So if you have attempted that you get an edge over others. So maybe you can begin by practicing questions say ten questions every day you know an assortment some of you could put pick

some from algebra some from arithmetic some simple interest etc

Section 4 and 5 – Legal and logical reasoning –

I would recommend referring to the past papers because what happens is many times these questions get repeated in some form of the other. For legal knowledge you can use books.

These papers are available online, or from coaching classes or you can write to the individual University and you can purchase it directly from there. There are several tests CDs are available online.

Mock papers are very important in this field because mock test helps you get familiarized with a variety of new questions and you do that in the given amount of time that is two hours. So you can actually see how you perform under pressure the most important aspect of mock tests I believe is the analysis that you conduct later.

So once the test is done you make sure that you see identify what your weak areas are work on them before the next test make sure how where you are wasting time where you can you know

utilize your time better

So I would strongly recommend taking mock tests more or less right through the two years so initially I spread the mock test across the month but towards the end that is in April I started taking almost of one mock test every two three days.

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