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Don’t use these words in casual English conversation

by Chetna Vasishth

Hey everyone, so we all know about 500 words in English and we find ourselves using the same words over and over again. So, in today’s article I have chosen 5 of the most commonly used words and expressions in casual English conversation and I will give you 5 alternatives for each one of them. And towards the end of the video I will also give you a bonus word so keep watching right till the end

So after today, I know for certain that you will not use these 5 common expressions in Casual English conversation and you will have an advanced English vocabulary.

5. Thank you

You want to thank people all the time but you’re looking for some interesting ways of saying thanks. Here are my top 5 favourites

a) You are a life saver –

you just got out of a difficult situation all thanks to this person – so you are a life saver or you are a legend or an angel

b) You rock ! OR You are the best –

when the person does something unexpected and significant

c) What would I do without you –

you are deeply grateful for what they have done for you

d) You shouldn’t have –

when they go out of their way to do something for you – I really appreciate it but you shouldn’t have

e) Thanks a bunch / a million / a ton or just thanks a lot

4. You’re Welcome –

Thank you, you’re welcome. We hear this over and over again! In ‘ChetChat Daily’ let’s look at 5 things you can say instead of saying ‘you’re welcome’

a) No problem – or No worries –

No Problem is more American and No worries is more British

b) Anytime

c) My pleasure or just pleasure

d) Not at all

e) I am happy to help

3. I am Sorry –

The word ‘Sorry’ tends to be over-used in English. Let me give you 5 alternative smart phrases which will convey your apologies more sincerely.

a) I didn’t mean to …

hurt you or break your heart

b) It was wrong on my part

c) My mistake or it was my fault

d) I shouldn’t have or I should never have

e) My bad –

this is very informal so don’t say this for a serious mistake

But remember, more than the words it is the tone of voice that matters. Keep it soft and genuine. Put a comment and tell me which of these was your favourite

2. I am Happy –

I am happy, are you happy? she is very happy and he is not at all happy. Let me share my five favourite words to use instead of saying happy

a) Light hearted OR happy go lucky

b) Blissful –

the baby had a blissful smile

c) Ecstatic –

when she got admission to her dream college, she was ecstatic

d) Joyous –

glad and merry

e) Jubilant –

happiness bordering on celebration

1. Tired –

I am tired of doing so much work, but I am also tired of saying the word ‘tired’, so let’s look at 5 alternate ways of expressing tiredness

a) I’m dead on my feet

b) I’m Pooped

c) Completely drained out

d) I’m dog-tired

e) Exhausted

Bonus word is Bored –

Have you got bored of using the word ‘Boring’? In ‘ChetChat Daily’ I will give you 5 alternate words that you can use instead of the word ‘boring’

a) Ho=Hum –

The products in this store are very ho-hum

b) Uneventful –

I had an uneventful day

c) Uninspiring –

The minister made a very uninspiring speech on television

d) Humdrum –

I seem to be leading a humdrum existence

e) Monotonous –

my job is very montonous

So, good luck with your advanced English vocabulary.

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