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5 tips to speak English fluently and confidently

by Chetna Vasishth

These are not the regular tips like speak more often, and read more books but today I will give you 5 researched, proven and easy techniques to help you speak English fluently and confidently and one bonus tip

1. Learn in chunks

Imagine that you are building a house, but you have no knowledge of construction or architecture. And if you are asked to build this house brick by brick, it might seem impossible and you would probably give up before completion. But what if you were able to source ready to use walls, ready made windows, doors, and ceilings and you just had to put them all together to make this house, like a jigsaw puzzle. Wouldn’t that be a lot more interesting and easy too.

So, what if we had this repertoire of full sentences and you could pick up one of them and remove some pieces, add some pieces and voila! you have a new sentence ready.

Let’s take examples

a) If you spoke English every day, you would be very fluent.
Notice the If and would (which can be replaced by will also)
If I study hard, I will pass the exam
If she reads a book a week, she would have better vocabulary
If I had more time, I would read more English books
Now you can also flip these around –
I would pass the exam if I study hard

b) I went for a walk yesterday
movie / game / class / she went / this morning

c) Ali finished the book even though he was getting late for work
I slept off early even though I had a ton of work to complete
She woke up late even though her alarm went off on time
He was nervous even though he practiced regularly
It’s easy if you try

2. Sound well prepared

Here’s another quick and easy tip to help you sound like a pro. There are a few common themes that form a part of most conversations and even interviews or English language exams .

Let me give you a list of commonly asked topics
a) Tell me about yourself
b) Tell me about your family
c) Describe your daily routine
d) What are your goals / aim in life
e) Describe the most memorable moment in your life
f) Talk about your childhood
g) What do you do to stay fit etc.

So here’s the cheat code – Prepare 4-5 lines one each topic, show it to someone who is fluent in English and learn up the sentences. Practice them in front of a mirror. The first few times it will sound memorized but with repeated practice it will sound more natural. Over time keep adding more topics as well – and very soon you will sound like a confident and fluent speaker who makes natural conversations

3. Converse with Native English speakers

A college student was living alone and wanted to learn how to cook. So he watched cookery shows, you tube videos, read recipe books and spoke to his mother on the phone about cooking. Yet when he went into the kitchen to cook nothing seemed to work.
Similarly, with our English. We can read books, learn vocabulary or even watch movies with subtitles but the only way to speak English fluently and confidently is to actually speak it. But the problem is that we usually don’t have anyone to speak with. Our friends kind of laugh at us and our family members too speak broken English. How do I practice speaking good English?
So, I was looking for an expert whom I could speak to on a 1-on-1 basis, without anyone making fun of me, and at any time that I was free. Where they would not judge me but politely help me get better at English. And I came across this app called Cambly which I highly recommend to you.

So we have an exclusive offer for ChetChat Users, where you can try Cambly 10 mins at INR 199 by using this code – chetchat10

4. Speed Reading and Reading aloud

One important part of speaking English fluently is physical fluency. Your mouth, lips, tongue and facial muscles all need to get used to speaking in this new language. This tip will help you in gaining physical fluency
Take a passage which is at your level, possible to read but challenging. Read it aloud and time yourself. Next time read the same passage again and time yourself. Repeat this till you are able to beat your own timing. You can do this anywhere, anytime and without anyone’s help. In one of the previous videos we spoke about singing song lyrics – this is another way to achieve physical fluency

5. Join Groups / Meet Ups

This tip is once again to help you practice. After all practice makes perfect – now now, don’t say ‘ no one’s perfect, so why practice… ok, so how about you join interest groups and meet ups, in your area of interest. It could be a coding group or even a composting group, as long as the discussions are in high quality English, this will help you immensely, while allowing you to also become stronger in your own domain.

Bonus Tip

Observe and Copy

Look for good English speakers, it could be on the news, TED talks, or even movies. Observe, pause, read the subtitles and copy. While copying pay special attention to pronounciation and intonation. Intonation is the combination of stressed and unstressed words that creates a natural rhythm.
What’s iz name? Whats ‘er name?
‘I’ll be back from college by 2’
I saw him, but he ran away
Also within words there are stressed and unstressed parts – e.g. Master, wonder – the first part is stressed more
Also with questions – especially questions that have ‘yes’ / no type answers go up in pitch at the end – e.g. Can I borrow your book? Is college open today? the pitch goes up at the end.
Mastery of this rhythmic contrast is what makes you sound like a natural English speaker.

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