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Exam Day Morning Routine & Tips for Students | Student Hacks | ChetChat Exam Tips | Chetna Vasishth

by Chetna Vasishth

Stress, tension and anxiety will not get you anywhere

You’re totally prepared, so shoo away the scare!

So it is the D day! That day of the year you’ve been waiting for, well not exactly waiting for! …Literally dreading it and losing sleep and sanity over it! 

Hey! C’mon! Cheer up! the good news is… now that your exams are starting…they’ll be over sooner than you think! 

So, for this article, we spoke to some Principals, teachers and the smartest students themselves – and designed this perfect Exam morning routine just for you.

Find below – 

  • A perfect Exam morning routine
  • Some Success Tricks including how to do a power revision
  • 2 Bonus Tips 

So, we have assumed that your exam starts at 9am. In case your timing is a little before or after this, you can adjust the timetable accordingly. And Now for the morning routine. 

First – Wake Up Fresh at 6am

The best way to boost memory cells is through a good night’s sleep of about 7-8 hours. In fact, staying up late for last minute revision is like (action – shoot yourself in the head)

So, here are the 2 golden rules for the night before the exam –

  1. Say NO to screens (TV, laptop, phone) – one hour before bedtime, turn off your notifications, keep the device outside your room and instead, read a book or listen to music or a podcast to relax your mind and drift off to sleep. 
  2. Avoid caffeine – Say a big no to tea and coffee after 4 pm. Did you know that Caffeine has a half-life of about 6 hours. So, if you consume 100mg of caffeine, about 25 mg will still be in your system 12 hours later and stop you from snoozing peacefully. 

6 am to 6:40 am

Charge your body – Just like you charge your mobile phone. Drink two to three glasses of water, step into the outdoors soaking up the warm sun and feeling the freshness in the air. Take a brisk walk outside or do some yoga. 

At this point I’d like to give a shout out to Nakul who left this inspiring message on our last video that got 357 likes from you. So, if you want a shout out in our next video, leave me a message below with the hashtag chetchatters

6:40 am to 6:50 am

Sit peacefully for 10 minutes focusing on deep breathing and giving yourself positive affirmations. Tell yourself – I am well prepared, , I remember everything and I will easily be able to finish my exam paper well in time. Smile and breathe. 

Visualise yourself smiling and effortlessly writing your exams. And I will share a link to our playlist of motivational videos which will help you remain positive and confident.

6:50 am to 7:10 am 

Dress up for the Big Day. You know Exam fear is more psychological than real. So, if you look good, you feel good and if you feel good you can actually move mountains! So, cracking an exam is hardly a big thing!

Wear your most comfortable and happy clothes…the ones that make you feel awesome and cheerful.

Wear a good perfume and take that two extra minutes to pamper yourself. These little things can do wonders for our self confidence ! 

A word of caution – Keep everything ready the night before else you will just panic in the morning. 

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7:10 to 7:40 am

Time for Power Revision . You’ve heard of a power nap, haven’t you? Doing a Power Revision on the morning of your exam is a great idea to feel very confident about your preparation. Just go over those super important diagrams or formulae. 

Remember that making power notes is always a good study routine for this last minute revision. Caution – At this point please DO not start reading any new material. 

15-20 minutes later, remind yourself that you already know everything. Pack away your books and walk confidently with a smile on your face

And before your next exam if you need some super tips on how to complete a chapter in one hour, then I will drop a link for you under this video.

7:40 am to 8 am

Calorie & Revelry – You may be tempted to skip your breakfast, but your brain needs continuous nutrition to perform at its peak.  

Have a breakfast that is high on protein and fat. Avoid too many simple carbs  like sugar, bread or cereal which can lead to swings in blood sugar and your energy will just drop during the exam. Instead have some eggs, yogurt, nuts, fruits or  sprouts to provide sustained energy without the crash. 

A cup of tea or coffee over breakfast does wonders to increase focus and alertness. 

Don’t forget to have good company on the breakfast table. Your parent who’s always cracking a joke on everything or your sibling whose leg you can pull….basically have a good laugh!  

8am to 8:15 am

Last Minute Checks 

Pen check, geometry box check, water bottle check, also check for college id, hall ticket, money and your smile

Last minute fun – breaking into a funny dance move or simply pretending to be a rock star on your rock show is a great way to pump up the energy and get ready to leave!

2 Bonus Tips – 

  1. Leave before scheduleLeave home 5-10 minutes earlier than planned. This way you remain calm and stress free.
  2. Travel Time Fun – Use the commuting time to listen to music or to have a happy conversation with someone.  Remember, You’re fully prepared and you deserve some fun!

Of course once your exam gets over, remember to just Keep smiling, it confuses everyone. 

And wish you the very best for your exams. You will rock them.

Happy Learning


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