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Harvard University student experience

by Chetna Vasishth

This article is a transcript of a video interview with Dhruv Goyal of Harvard University who talks about becoming the first international Vice President on the Harvard Undergraduate Council, the Harvard admission essay, The Harvard Stereotype myth, The Harvard admissions interview his internship at Mr Narendra Modi’s office and lots more !


Dhruv Talks about:-

1. Harvard University

  1. The environment challenges you to go outside your comfort zone
  2. Students are great at what they do individually
  3. You get enriched in perspective at Harvard University
  4. Being at Universitas Harvard helps you build your knowledge skillset
  5. Helps you to think about problems and have the toolkit to solve them
  6. Shashi Tharoor said – the 21st Century will be the fight for diversity

2. Harvard Undergraduate Council

  1. Dhruv joined the Harvard undergraduate council in his freshman year
  2. Legislator and then Executive Board member
  3. Crimson the school student publication was fierce
  4. Helped him break out the bubble that you tend to hang out in

3. Student Leadership Lessons

  1. He was a house captain of Dhirubahi Ambani International School
  2. Dhruv Goyal helped his house at school win the house cup
  3. Listening to others is a key skill
  4. Some of the best ideas come from others
  5. They built an application for college
  6. Creating the right team and trusting the judgement of the people
  7. Being Genuine is another one

4. High and Low Moments –

  1. There are pressures from Crimson – the student publication of the Harvard University
  2. They believed that they represented 100% of the student community
  3. Facing the situation and confronting opinions was a huge learning experience

5. Major and Internships

  1. Dhruv majors in Economics and government
  2. He had three internships over three years
  3. The freshman summer was at the Gujarat Chief minister’s office, Mr Narendra Modi, who is now the Prime Minister of India. He worked along with Mr Modi in his campaign for the Lok Sabha elections in 2013. A very political experience
  4. The sophomore internship was in research where he worked with two professors of Harvard Business School in microfinance, while working towards financial inclusion of the unbanked poor under the Jan Dhan Yojana
  5. The Junior year internship was with McKinsey in consulting / corporate sector
  6. Dhruv looks at Internships as an opportunity to do something different
  7. Think of your internships as a great way to build a variety of skills, explore

6. The Harvard Stereotype

  1. Diversity of population – he says that most students at Harvard are not academic nerds largely. Most of them have done one thing very well and excelled at it.
  2. Elitist – he believes that Harvard students are not snobbish or elitist – they contribute to society in large ways. In most of the prominent areas Harvard grads have made an impact to the world

7. The Harvard Admission Essay –

  1. When they look for students, most students write their essay about why they are a good fit for the school
  2. Harvard also wants to see your essay talk about what you hope to do in the future
  3. How will your college experience fit into your larger career plans
  4. How do your accomplishments fit in with your larger life goals

8. The Harvard Admissions Interview –

  1. Always google search your Interviewer
  2. He met the International Dean of Admissions

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