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How to get into Yale University

by Chetna Vasishth

This is a transcript of a video chat with Leah Franqui, College Counselorfrom Collegify, Undergrad from Yale University, Grad from NYU Tisch School of the Arts about differences between and NYU and Yale student, the interview process, how to prepare for it, what to wear, extra-curricular activities, the real meaning of a liberal arts education, early action, early decision and regular decision, how many schools to apply to, scholarship opportunities, increasingly competitive College admission process, how applicants can make their profile standout, the mistakes Indian applicants make, tips for writing your college essay, finding the right fit, and much more.

Leah Franqui talks of the following salient points during the course of the second part

1. The Interview

  1. The process is very important as it means they are considering you
  2. It is also another opportunity for the school to get to know you better
  3. You want to be prepared, do some research on the school as well as strike a balance between letting yourself go with the flow. Establishing a conversation, brushing up on world news.
  4. Allow a conversation to get built, don’t show certificates in the interview
  5. UK, Oxford and Cambridge interviews are specific, academic, intensive and needs a different prep
  6. Dressing for the Interview – look well kempt, well-groomed and clean, you may not require a blazer,

2. The right fit for Yale and NYU

  1. The two schools are very different
  2. She did her undergraduate at Yale and graduate studies at NYU
  3. Yale students are incredibly passionate in all directions, believe in learning for its own sake, super dynamic, involved in many activities at one time
  4. Yale has a traditional college experience with a bubble and history
  5. NYU is an amazing school. She found the most self-directed kids at NYU. They are young and New York is their campus and they actually don’t have a campus, so they take the city by storm.
  6. NYU kids are fiercely independent and make their own opportunities, who want professionalism at every opportunity. There are so many practical opportunities in New York and these students make the most of them.

3. Extra-Curricular Activities

  1. International students especially in India tends to look at the SAT as qualifying exams
  2. Great scores are common, colleges look for something to set students apart
  3. Activities reflect genuine passion and are very educational, colleges look for that
  4. Students are being discouraged from following their passions in developing countries
  5. Activities teach you how to adapt, how to be self-directed, teaches you what you are interested in, and what you are not interested in, teaches you to balance your time and these skills become invaluable in life

4. Early Action, Early Decision, Regular Decision

  1. The idea of applying early is that you are ready sooner
  2. Early decision is binding
  3. You are up against fewer applicants so the admission rate is higher
  4. Indian students have fall exams and are sometimes not ready for the early application since they may not be ready with their scores from the standardised tests. American students take many more standardised tests
  5. If you are sure then your best shot is to go early
  6. Once the school has seen the early applicant pool, students in the regular pool get compared to this early pool

5. Liberal Arts Education

  1. Liberal Arts education teaches you transferable skills like how to think, how to write, how to analyse, how to find a variety of creative solutions
  2. These skills will take you into any field
  3. The silicon valley, the tech boom and future water problems will be solved using creative thinking skills
  4. Tracking students in high school encourages students to move away from the humanities stream at an early age
  5. The competition is lower in liberal arts education and your odds are better
  6. Students are not always aware at the age of 18 about how many careers are possible
  7. You can be steered into a career that you never knew was possible

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