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How to Introduce Yourself in English | Self Introduction for School/College Students | ChetChat

by Chetna Vasishth

It’s a brand new academic year and I’m feeling nervous. The teachers look different and some classmates also look new. In every class we need to introduce ourselves, but I feel nervous to un-mute my microphone and speak up in front of everyone. I want to make a good first impression, but I feel helpless. 

If this is how you feel, then this video is for you. So, just get ready to turn on your camera, because today, I’m going to give you 

  • 4 easy steps to introduce yourself on the first day of online school or college. 
  • Lots of fun examples for different situations and
  • I will do a full sample introduction from start to finish

So get ready to make a great first impression and let’s get going.

Today we’re going to learn some easy-peasy steps to adjust to online learning that will give you the confidence and courage to speak up in class. So when your teacher says “Please, introduce yourself”, or “Tell the class a little bit about yourself”, here’s the simple four step process  to follow. 

Step One: Think inside the box

I know that very often we are told to think outside the box! But when we’re in an online class or a meeting, a box is all we have to express ourselves. Your teacher can see you as a little box on her screen. So, how do we make the best use of this space? 

  1. Who’s got your back?—  Think about all the times you’ve been distracted by what’s happening behind a classmate and ignored what they’re actually saying. Your background is a very important part of your online presence! So,find a spot where you get an undisturbed and  clear background, like a plain wall or curtains. If this is unavailable, you can also go for a decent virtual background— a solid color or the interior of a house. Make sure you have enough natural light, and switch on artificial lights if needed. 
  2.  Mic check—  Look for a quiet place without ambient sounds. This will ensure you are heard clearly. Unmute yourself and ask the class “Am I audible?”  before starting. 
  3.  Netiquette— To make a good first impression you need to follow some basic rules. Don’t sit, or laze around on the bed (or in your pajamas). Make sure you look presentable and sit straight at a desk. Try to keep your camera on and look directly into it when you speak. This will ensure that the class notices and remembers you. 

Before we go on to Step number two, I would like to give a shout out to Haneesha for this sweet message that got 206 likes from you. And if you want a shoutout in our next video, leave me a comment with the hashtag #chetchatters.

Step Two: Basics are your building bricks!

Start by smiling. Next, say “Hello! I am Janet” Or “Good Morning. My name is Sunil” 

After that, either give your age or grade —“I am 14 years old” or “I am in the eighth grade.” or in case everyone is in the 8th grade anyway you can say ‘I have been in this school for the past 5 years’ or ‘I am new to this school’ 

Tell the class where you are located. It is likely that all your classmates live in the same city, in which case you can say — “I am currently at home at Regency Enclave.” or “I live on Park Street.”

Now, in case you’re looking for a more formal method of introducing yourself, perhaps at an interview – then we have a detailed video on the 10 simple steps of making a great introduction. I will drop a link for you below this video.

Step 3: The small things are the big things 

Nobody remembers a tree, but everyone remembers a purple tree. So this is the time to share some interesting and unique facts about yourself. 

Start with your family— “I live with my parents, grandmother and elder sister. All of us love ice-cream”

Tell us about your pet if you have one— “I have a dog named Simba and he kept me company through the lockdown.”

Talk about your hobbies. 

“My hobby is reading AND my favorite book is A Murder on the Orient Express.” 

Remember to be specific

“In my free time, I love listening to music. My favorite band is BTS.

Or some outdoor hobbies. 

“I like playing basketball. I play for the school team.”

“I am learning how to play tennis. My favorite shot is backhand.”

You can also talk about a new experience you had, or something you learnt. 

“In the lockdown, I learnt how to bake a cake. I am planning to bake one for my sister’s birthday.”

“I am learning how to play the guitar.”

If English is not your first language, you can share what other languages you know.

“I can speak three languages in total— Hindi, Marathi and English.”

“I know two other languages—Arabic and French.”

Step 4: Personal connection through internet connection

You have now told the class some very interesting facts about yourself! 

To wrap up, engage directly with your peers and teacher.  It’s important to show that even though you’re on different screens, you are on the same team.  

You can say, “I look forward to learning in this class” or “I’m excited to be here, or “I hope we can all learn many things together”

Don’t forget to end with “Thank you!”

Before I give you a full sample introduction, I am sharing a link below to our 21 day English speaking course so go check that out as well.

Sample Introduction

That’s it! These are your  4 simple steps to introduce yourself in your online school or college! Now, Let’s try it once all together. 

Step 1:  Check your plain background and turn your camera on. Switch on your microphone and ask “Am I audible?” 

Step 2: Good morning everyone. My name is Sally. 

I am 16 years old. 

I am currently at home on Hill Road.  

Step 3: I live with my parents and older brother, Mark. 

I have a brown cat named Tom.

My hobby is reading, and my favorite book is Harry Potter. 

I like swimming. I won first prize at  the swimming competition last year. 

And I am learning to play the guitar. 

My mother tongue is English but I can speak Spanish as well. 

Step 4:  I am excited to make new friends and I hope we can all learn together. 

Thank you.         

So, I hope that helped you and wish you the best for your new academic year and Happy learning. 

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