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How to Score 1000+ at the NEET PG Exam 2020

by Chetna Vasishth

How to get a top rank in NEET PG, the entrance exam for post graduate medical studies in India. This is a conversation with Dr Apurv Mehra, a leading orthopaedic surgeon on how to Prepare for and Crack for NEET PG 2020 with a detailed Strategy on How to Score 1000+ in NEET PG 2020 Exam with Dr Apurv Mehra who shares his tips and strategies on How to Crack NEET PG 2020 with 1000+. Find out how to prepare for neet pg 2020, how to crack neet pg 2020 and preparation material for neet pg 2020 the best neet pg 2020 study plan and some excellent neet pg 2020 preparation tips with a focussed neet pg 2020 strategy and a strategy for neet pg exam

Here are some of the tips

Plan and Prepare

  1. Believe! Then will you achieve
  2. Decide what you want
  3. Directional approach
  4. Dream big, if it is not scaring you, you are under assessing yourself
  5. Make a schedule. There are 19 subjects, divide them into days
  6. Stick to your schedule. The biggest mistake people do is they don’t switch between subjects
  7. Schedule – If you start in January, finish your first reading by end July / August

The Format

  1. NEET has three parts this year
    1. Part A – 50 questions which has
      1. Anatomy – 17 questions
      2. Biochemistry – 16 questions
  • Physiology – 17 questions

Part A is a difficult section and has the lowest weightage, but it has the least variation. It is the basic and helps in the para clinical subjects.

You should aim to get maximum marks in this section

  1. Part B – Para clinicals
    1. Pathology
    2. Microbiology
  • Pharmacology
  1. Forensic
  2. PSM

100 MCQ’s

Core Subjects are Pathology and PSM

Preparatory Material –

PGME Books


Online Portals, Apps, Coaching Centres and Lectures

    1. DAMS
    2. Marrow
    3. Prep Ladder
    4. Med Miracle
    5. Saravjeet
    6. Thameem Saif
    7. Bhatias classes
    8. CCIAMS Classes
    9. Prime
    10. MCI Institute

Tips for Success

  1. Strategy – Focus on the short subjects
  2. Prioritise A, B and C accordingly
  3. Go through all the important topics in first reading
  4. Make Cheat Sheets – write keywords of important topics you read during the day. These become the basis for the next revision
  5. The aim of the first reading is to have a look at important topics in all 19 subjects
  6. You must take a look at the textbooks especially if a question has come often
  7. Try to stay with the book you have studied during under graduation
  8. Follow the classical and reliable sources
  9. Use one MCQ book
  10. Images are important – 1/3rd of NEET paper and 1/4th of AIIMS paper is made up of images
  11. When you have read a topic, think of what images can come in that topic
  12. Read common, revise common, think common and mark a common answer
  13. Decide online or offline
  14. Your result does not depend on your knowledge, but on how many silly mistakes you avoid
  15. Accuracy of the students is increasing
  16. Practice questions is very important
  17. Attempt practice papers both offline and online
  18. Write grand tests every month, later on, increase the frequency
  19. Analyse your performance topic wise
  20. Note down where you need to read the topic again. Mark those in your list
  21. Revise the same topics multiple times
  22. Pick up high yield topics
  23. Revise the entire content in the last few days with the cheat sheets
  24. Revise the most important points in the last 24 hours
  25. List of important topics is given in this article
  26. Stay calm on the day of the exam
  27. Have a good night’s sleep
  28. Stay aloof outside the exam hall
  29. Have a normal meal, wear your regular clothes
  30. 180 questions are straight forward out of 300. Pick up these questions
  31. 45-50 questions are from what you have read.
  32. 230 questions can take you to 920 marks.
  33. Out of the balance 70 questions – attempt high, try to guess more
  34. Attempt between 285 and 295 questions
  35. Never attempt less than 285 questions
  36. If you are marking and keeping it for review – in NEET it will be counted as question attempted, in AIIMS it will not be counted
  37. Go through the paper multiple times
  38. Verify that you have not missed a question
  39. Never change your answers at the last minute
  40. Stay focussed, plan a strategy
  41. This is an important exam, but it is not the end of the world
  42. Keep the faith
  43. Build your techniques and believe in yourself
  44. Keep your presence of mind


Pros and Cons of Online Coaching

    1. Saves travel time
    2. Prevents uncertainties in teaching
    3. You are responsible for your own learning
    4. Requires self-discipline
    5. Online is dynamic
    6. Updates are available online
    7. Live Teaching – Helps in dealing with stress

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