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How to Remember the Periodic Table

by Chetna Vasishth

In this article we will discuss the Visualisation Technique on How to Remember What You Studied or Read, the Best Scientific Technique which will help you 100% Remember What You Studied and give you techniques of how to remember what you studied and how to remember what you read. And we will take an example of the periodic table

Let’s try to remember the first 10 elements of the periodic table using visualisation techniques. You can find other great memorization techniques in this previous article

Imagine your periodic table as a sheet of paper and now let’s begin the story

1. Hydrogen –

Say Hi to your periodic table as you see it for the first time. Humanise the period table, give it a cute personality 

2. Helium –

Suddenly a balloon (filled with helium gas) comes to the room and the period table sticks to it and flies around the room (you can imagine the balloon in your favourite colour and in a shape you like – to make it come alive in your mind)

3. Lithium –

All of a sudden, the balloon along with the period table, starts to lift up, and it lifts and lifts and goes out of the window

4. Berillium –

before you know it, the period table and the balloon gets stuck in a berry bush. The berries are large, red and juicy, but the bush is full of thorns (get details into your story)

5. Boron –

you now need to bore-on to get inside the bush to get to your periodic table. The thorns are all hurting you and it’s very hard

6. Carbon –

soon you are able to retrieve the balloon and now you get into the car with it to go home

7. Nitrogen –

it is night time already, it’s dark outside. Lots of eerie sounds and strange noises coming from the jungle while you try to get home

8. Oxygen –

from all this stress and injuries from the berry bush, the period table collapses, and it needs to put on an oxygen mask. It is gasping for breath and breathing very heavily

9. Fluorine –

as you reach out for the oxygen mask, you accidentally step on a tube of toothpaste. It squirts out of the tube and goes all over the periodic table and almost goes and gags the periodic table further. You begin panicking

10. Neon –

but there’s a huge wave of relief as you pass by a huge neon sign on the left side of the road for the city hospital.

For this technique, think in pictures. Imagine yourself participating in the events described Exaggerate the story by adding violence, greatness, or anything to shock yourself.

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