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Human Rights Fellowship at Columbia Law School

by Chetna Vasishth

Columbia Law School is one of the most reputed and oldest institutions of learning in America. It is an ivy league and has illustrious alumni. It is consistently ranked as the top 4 law schools in the world by law school rankings.

We wrote a previous article on how to get admission to Columbia Law School and this one is on Scholarships. The process to get a human rights fellowship at Columbia Law School

The Human Rights LL.M. Fellowship is awarded to individuals with extraordinary potential in the field of international human rights. The Fellowship is designed to support students pursuing an LL.M. degree at Columbia who show exceptional commitment and potential to use their education to become innovators and leaders in human rights practice and/or academia.

  1. What are the application materials required for the fellowship?

  • A completed application for admission to the LL.M. program through LSAC;
  • A separate, short essay of one to two pages, describing the applicant’s qualification

for the fellowship. Applicants should discuss their current and previous human rights work, interest in and commitment to the field, career goals, and human rights vision. The essay should be uploaded to the Human Rights LL.M. Fellowship section of the LSAC online application;

  • Letters of Recommendation that speak to the applicant’s prior work and future potential as a human rights advocate, scholar, and/or practitioner. The two letters of recommendation submitted for the LL.M. application may also be used for the Fellowship if they comment on the applicant’s human rights work and commitment. In the case that one or both of the letters of recommendation for the LL.M. Program application do not speak to the human rights aspects of the applicant’s background and future interests, the applicant may submit a third letter of recommendation through the LSAC online application from a professor or human rights practitioner who can comment knowledgeably about her or his human rights commitment, experience, and future plans; and
  • A completed Application for Financial Assistance as part of the LSAC Online LL.M. application. In providing a candid picture of your financial resources, you are enabling the selection committee to determine the appropriate level of assistance to provide to each Fellow and to maximize the number of Fellowships it can award each year.
  1. What is the value of the Human Rights Fellowship at the Columbia Law School?

The Fellowships offer partial to full waivers of tuition, and in some cases, a living stipend, depending on the applicant’s demonstrated level of financial need.

  1. Application Deadline

The Application deadline for the Human Rights Fellowship is December 15, (the same deadline as the application for the LL.M. Program).

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