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ILOT Scholarship at UBC, Canada

by Chetna Vasishth

This is a transcript of a videochat with Naman Shah of University of British Columbia (UBC) Vancouver, Canada studying on a Full Scholarship talk about his major in Mining Engineering, the Co-op Program, how and when to apply for the scholarship, his experience at UBC, Internship and Job opportunities in Vancouver and much more!

1. Why he chose to study in UBC Vancouver Canada

  1. He visited University of British Columbia prior to applying
  2. Vancouver is a beautiful city and ranked as one of the best cities to live in
  3. Engineering faculty is developed

2. ILOT Scholarships

  1. International Leader of Tomorrow
  2. The school counsellor nominates you for this scholarship
  3. It covers tuition and boarding expenses less parental contribution
  4. Essays must talk of leadership qualities and societal contribution
  5. Application begins around Oct-Nov

3. Mining Engineering

  1. First year has general courses like Math Physics
  2. Second year you specialise
  3. Mining Engineering is a 100 year old department
  4. There are over 800 mining companies based in Vancouver
  5. They have graduated programs, they employ students while they are in college and they hire them finally as soon as they graduate
  6. Second year onwards courses include fluid mechanics, techniques of mining engineering, math courses, economics, sustainability, processing, market related, environment
  7. Co-Op program is included 20 months
  8. 4 year program and 20 months of co-op combines to a 5 year program
  9. You can work from 4 months to 16 months
  10. Co-op program requires a min of 60% and has workshops
  11. Students work with good companies and in 16 months they can grow to a mid-level and get varied exposure

4. Pros and cons of UBC Vancouver

  1. 47,000 students in undergrad
  2. JumpStart program inducts international students into the program
  3. All International students are together for one month
  4. Class sizes in Engineering in the first year could be over 300 people
  5. Personal interaction could be challenging
  6. Professors are welcoming and peer assisted study sessions where you facilitate study sessions

5. Co-op Program Visa

  1. Study permit is valid for 5 years
  2. Allows work for 20 hours a week through the entire 5 years without applying for a work permit
  3. Once you are in the co-op program you apply for a work permit
  4. You don’t need to know French

6. Career Paths after Mining Engineering

  1. Processing , learn innovative techniques
  2. Management
  3. Financial Engineering
  4. Cyclicality studies
  5. Innovation in robotics and automation
  6. Space mining is a future breakthrough possible

7. Vancouver city

  1. 15 mins away from campus
  2. Transportation is public transport
  3. Campus is very vibrant
  4. Vancouver White caps are placed in the region, football players were training in the UBC football grounds

8. Food in Vancouver

  1. Indian restaurant called Widgets is very popular

9. Describe your school in one word

  1. Inclusive
  2. Over 25% student body is international

10. Courses that UBC is well known for

  1. School of Business
  2. Civil Engineering department is also very well known in Canada

11. Unusual advice

  1. Always give an interview if possible
  2. Helps you improve your communication skills

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I’m from India, Tamilnadu. I want to admit my daughter at Canada for BA economics Hons with scholarship now she is studying X std may I start the process right now or when I’m going to start this process I want your advice and I want to know which is the best college with cheapest tuition fee


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