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Judicial Services Exam Tips

by Chetna Vasishth

This is a transcript of a video chat with Advocate Sachin Daga, Head of Daga Legal, who gives us a detailed guideline on How to Study/Start Preparation for Judicial Services Exam without Coaching.

He says that students who have a passion for public service and a desire to contribute to society and lead a respectful stable life are best suited to this career of becoming a judge in the Indian Judiciary System. He explains the judicial exams, that there are two kids of judicial services exam – one is a lower judiciary services exam and one is an upper judiciary services exam.

Watch this video on the Indian judiciary where he explains in detail a strategy for judicial exam and how to fine tune your judiciary exam preparation strategy with reading the text books and preparing a case laws register. He gives expert tips on how to crack judicial services exam in first attempt and when and how to start preparation for judicial services exam.

How to study for judicial services exam, the three types of exams, prelims, mains and viva. And how to prepare for each one of the modules of the judicial services exam. Some expert tips for judicial services exam also how to prepare notes for judicial exam. How to prepare the case laws journal that will help you for a lifetime and how to crack judicial exam without coaching.

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