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Life in an Engineering College

by Chetna Vasishth

Life in an Engineering College


When we enrol in an Engineering college, we think it is primarily because of the degree that we will get at the end of four years. It turns out that those four years become the most defining experience of our life and the one single tag that stays with us forever… that of being an Engineer.

You go through numerous subjects, internals, assignments, projects and end term exams. You might take backpacking road trips with friends or get a backlog for the first time. But whatever happens, the experience of these four years will make you the person you become.

So, let’s take a sneak peak into the life of a student at Engineering college


1. Course Structure


While the first year is tough academically, it is also a time to be aware of the options that are available to us.

There are usually a number of different options available –for example, at Symbiosis Institute of Technology, if you intend to specialise in Computer Science then within that there could be B.Tech. degree in Computer Science and  specialisations in cloud computing, software quality, cyber security, artificial intelligence, data science or machine learning.

So, while you must take the Core Classes; carefully plan out the elective and specialisation courses that you can choose after the first year.


  2. Culture and Hostel Life 


This is where all the growing up will happen. Staying with people from various different parts of the country makes you appreciate diversity while bringing in your own personality to the college culture.  This often is the most enriching experience.

Engineering Colleges have a wide array of clubs and societies. Like at Symbiosis Institute of Technology, the college provides music and dance club, photography club, fine arts society, innovation and creativity cell, green cell, literary clubs, theatre clubs etc. Additionally, there are on offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports clubs and teams too.

Take a break from your academics and join a couple of clubs. Aim to become a leader in one club by the third of fourth year.

   3. Competition / Events


Once you get engaged with a club or society of your choice, you will find yourself gearing up for inter colleges fests, competitions and challenges. These could be cultural or technical. Sometimes these events are fiercely competitive and prestigious. Events are not only a valuable learning opportunity but they are also a great way to get integrated into the college culture while giving us experiences that we may remember for a lifetime.

In SIT, they teach their students not just the curriculum but also teach them to become socially responsible individuals. SIT gives them a platform where students can invent various things which will help the society, rural India at a macro level.


    4. Laboratories in College


Engineering by definition means using your hands and skills. Most colleges have fabulous laboratories whether these are automation, robotics labs, computer labs or automotive labs. Spend time in the labs figuring out things. This is not only interesting but it prepares you for the shop floor when you go for your internship or jobs.



5. Mentor-Mentee bond (Professor and student bond)

Students sometimes think that college is all about friends. And that classes need to just be attended for grades. But the most central resource that any college can offer you is the professors. So, spend time with them, during office hours, or in the evenings. Discuss projects, industry conditions, your own future career direction or just about anything. Sometimes, just have a cup of tea with them. You will be amazed by how much perspective you can get from these learned, experienced and caring mentors.

And of course, it goes without saying, have a happy four years. Learn how to live independently, think independently and become the best version of yourself.

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