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Perfect Time Table and Activities for Vacations

by Chetna Vasishth

Quarantine! Hmmm! A big word. But how many of us had heard the word before or used it on a daily basis? And yet, here we are, Quarantined. It’s definitely a new situation for all of us. Schools and Colleges are closed, Exams postponed, companies declared Work from home.

So, the first thought is definitely “Yayyyyyy”. But soon, it changes to “Nayyyy, it’s so boring.”, “What to do in a whole day?”, “How to utilize my free time?”. So, without wasting our time, let’s make a perfect time table for our home-stay.

Wait! For your assurance. The policy of “All work and no play” was thrown into the dustbin before preparing this time table. So, let’s get going

There are two parts of this video –

  1. I will suggest some interesting, useful and creative activities that you can involve yourself in during this stay at home period.
  2. We will look at an actual chart of a time table, where we will categorise our available time and allocate activities to it.


Imagine, you went to a food festival and there you found hundreds of items served under the buffet. You are famished and your mouth is filled with water. Your mind desires to try all of it but your belly does not support the idea. So you decided to go around the park and try only the unique and the best dishes. This is a better strategy to utilize your limited eating capacity.
In the same way, trying to utilize all the 24 hrs a day could be stressful to the mind like eating all the food for the belly. The focus should be to add more and more value-added activities like unique and best dishes instead of utilizing each and every minute of the available time.

Here, the list of 10 Value-Added activities we will add to our timetable-

1. Learn a programming language or a software-

Here are my top 5 recommended courses to do to make the best use of your free time. These skills will be very useful in whatever career you pursue plus they will also help you find a job or a better job. They are easily available on sites like Udemy, Tynker, code academy etc.

Dart –

new programming languages developed by Google


is a very useful open-source software development kit that can be used to make apps quickly and easily on both Android and IOS platforms. And Flutter works together with Dart. So learning both of these could be useful


Adobe PhotoShop

Video editing on Adobe Premiere Pro –

I learnt this while setting up the channel, but video creation skills are a basic skill these days and can be useful in any field.

2. Learn a Language-

If learning English is on your to-do list, then this is a great time to press the accelerator on that goal. We have 12 videos on our Learn English playlist and I will drop a link for you. We also post one small video every day on our social media and the links are here. If you know English, then how about learning a new language.. How cool is this idea? Try French, Spanish, Japanese or German. Apps like “Duolingo” are a great free resource.


It’s a digital era but hand’s skill is a luxurious fashion. Be a fashionista. YouTube channels like “AmandaRachLee” or “The Happy Ever Crafter” are all you need to learn calligraphy. And this will also help you improve your handwriting and get you more marks in those exams too.

Curriculum Study/ Exam preparation-

It’s always a smart choice to be one step ahead. So, get ahead of your curriculum or prepare for your competitive or entrance exams coming up. My favourite is “Khan Academy”.

Reading Books-

It doesn’t matter what genre of book you like. It doesn’t matter whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, or even a blog article. What matters is the habit of reading. How about you try listening to audiobooks while you are doing your household chores

Cooking skills-

Mummy!! What’s there for dinner today? And mummy is overworked these days. So how about we get creative with YouTube cooking videos and our favourite dishes. I have been doing some serious baking these days – I recently made a banana cake, a lemon drizzle cake, a mango raisin bread cake, carrot cake and good ole chocolate cake… Next I will try cookies.

Oscar-Nominated Movies-

Why not just get updated with the last five year’s Oscar-winning movies and see what’s all the buzz about?
Collection Box- The idea of having a collection is never too old. The choice is all yours. Stamps or movies, Newspaper cuttings or old CDs, old currency coins perhaps.

Video Chat-

Missing your friends? Catch them on Zoom for video chats with pictionary. Plan these fun games with friends on weekends and get your dose of laughter and fun.

Meditation and Exercise-

High immunity is the call for the hour. Let’s boost them up with these techniques. Also check out our recent video on How to build immunity.

Tell me which of these activities did you enjoy the most and also tell me if you have your own set of interesting things to do at home.

The Time Table

As we have dedicated rooms for particular activities like bed-room for sleeping, kitchen for cooking in our house, in the same way, we will create time-rooms for our dedicated activities in a day.

For this, we will divide the entire 24hrs into 4 quarters of 6 hrs each. Starting from 12 A.M to 6 A.M as first quarter, 6 A.M to 12 P.M as second quarter and so on. Why so? Because a gradual shift in nature like changes in the temperature, natural or artificial lighting and its effect on us could be seen at a difference of every 6 hours. Like morning, noon, evening etc.
Just to share with you that we have two other time table videos which you can use once your school / college and exam routine resumes. I will drop links for you under this video

First Quarter (12 a.m- 6 a.m)- This is generally the most peaceful quarter and with the lowest temperature. This is the best time for a good sleep and waking up in the second half of the quarter around 5:30 a.m and meditating for at least 20-30 minutes.

Second Quarter (6 a.m to 12 p.m)- This is generally the most energetic quarter with the fresh sunlight and air. The first half should be used for exercising, a small read like newspaper or magazine followed by breakfast. Put together a quick healthy meal and this is the main study time, start with some theoretical based subjects as you are still energetic and it won’t make you sleep. Since you are already at your study table, take a gap in your studies by continuing your language course. Prepare for your competitive exams, on alternate days solve problems of practical subjects like Maths and Physics, you can leave your table at the end of the second quarter.

Choose one big chapter / subject or task to crack during this quarter everyday. It will also keep your motivation levels high during the rest of the day.

Third Quarter (12 p.m – 6 p.m)- Sun is at its peak in the first half and with heavy lunch, it’s the most lazy quarter. Also, during this period, almost every person around us is awake and active, making it chaotic and difficult for focused concentration. So, we will keep this quarter light.
We will start with lunch and thereafter, we can work in our collections followed by a small nap. In the second half, we can work on our calligraphy skills. Now, it’s movie time with some snacks or can hang out with friends on a video call.

Fourth Quarter (6 p.m – 12 a.m)- Sun is set and we are on artificial lighting and a little tired. We can start this quarter with our software course followed by dinner. A small-read of novel or story-book and sleep by 10 p.m.

I hope you utilise this time to balance out all the things you want to do as well as relax and enjoy yourself. Stay happy because a happy You is a healthy You

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