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Stop Saying VERY! Use Smart English Vocabulary Words | Improve Your Vocabulary

by Chetna Vasishth

I always use the word very

And it doesn’t make me merry

Very good is just not exciting

But i lack for words when I’m writing

Sometimes I just say very bad

But I sound just like my grand-dad

Very wet and very dry

Time to bid them goodbye

Let’s learn some new words to replace ‘very’

It’s Friday and time for some vocabulary 

Let’s get going with the 10 words to replace ‘very’ !


(Playing with a Rubic’s cube and enjoying it) This is very interesting and I am hooked on to it. Let’s find a word to describe this. How fascinating! I found the word ‘fascinating’. 

You say, you find it very interesting

I say I find it fascinating

Very interesting is very frustrating

Without the magic of ‘fascinating’

If you are fascinated by something, it means that you are strongly attracted to it and interested in it. Examples are:

  1. Visiting the Disney World on Children’s Day was a fascinating experience for the school kids.
  2. The new toys that come in the market can be very fascinating for little children.
  3. Or you can tell your friends – ChetChat’s videos are fascinating.

Make a fascinating sentence with the word fascinating quickly


If you say something is monotonous, you mean it is uninteresting or dull or repetitive.

Examples are:

  1. After working for 10 years in the same industry, Tim felt his job was becoming monotonous.
  2. Rahul felt his life was quite monotonous, there was no fun.
  3. We need to learn new words so that our conversations don’t get monotonous

Talking about a monotonous school routine, sometimes, learning new skills can help us in making our school life challenging and interesting. In addition to learning English, some of the skills that you can learn include logical reasoning, problem solving and learning to code.

And now let’s get on with word no. 3


Gosh! I am soaking wet. It has been raining and I am very wet. And the word to use instead is drenched. 

To get drenched means to become soaked. So if you get drenched in the rain, you become soaked with water.

Examples are:

  1. Since I did not take an umbrella with me, I got drenched in the rain.
  2. A sudden thunderstorm had drenched us to the skin.
  3. After the football match, all the players were drenched in sweat.


My throat feels very dry. Sometimes when I shoot for long hours and don’t drink enough water, my throat feels very dry. The word to use instead of very dry is parched. 

To be parched means to be either dried out with heat or dehydrated. In fact, you can use this even when you are feeling very thirsty.

 Examples are:

  1. The parched piece of land had not received any rainfall for 2 years.
  2. I felt my throat was parched and immediately drank some water.
  3. The crow drank water from the river and cooled its parched throat.


When you wake up in the morning, it is a good idea to clean up your room and leave it looking very neat and spotless, you can say it is immaculate. (B Roll of tidying up the bed)

Immaculate means perfectly clean and tidy. 

Examples are:

  1. If your study table is immaculate you will find your productivity rising.
  2. Looking at the untidy room, Ashley decided to teach her children the importance of being immaculate.
  3. After the school function day ended, the children ensured that the hall was immaculate as it was before.

You can also use immaculate for a person’s record, like a work record or ato describe a person or a person’s clothes. 

His immaculate appearance was very impressive


My room is ‘very untidy’ today, Uff, just clearing this out will take an entire day. And instead of saying ‘very untidy’ you can use cluttered. 

Cluttered means very untidy and badly organised – usually when there are a lot of things lying around. 


  1. Romi and her sister tidied their cluttered and messy room.
  2. The teacher sent Sam out of the class because his uniform was not ironed and his hair was dishevelled.
  3. The room was so cluttered that Jack could not even step inside.

And in one of our previous videos, we had given you a word to describe ‘untidy hair and appearance’, so if you remember that word, put it down in the comments section below.


Right now I am feeling very hungry – I’m taking a short break and I will be right back. And instead of using very hungry, you can use a better word – starving. 

To starve means to feel very hungry. 

Here are the sentences:

  1. Even though I ate a few hours back, I am starving now.
  2. Ramu found puppies, starving to death, left at his doorstep.
  3. With no money and no place to stay, Tory spent a night starving at the railway station.


Laughing – watching a comedy show and going ha ha !! ”That is very funny.” A more chic word for that is hilarious.

Hilarious means to be very amusing or very funny. 

Examples are :

  1. The teenagers cracked hilarious jokes to keep themselves entertained during the bus tour.
  2. The comedian won the first prize for his hilarious punches.
  3. Raghav narrates incidents in such a way that they seem hilarious.

Tell me a hilarious joke in the comments section below.


Gosh! Very bad smell. Yuck ! I can’t breathe , it’s very bad. You can say the smell is awful instead. 

When you say something is awful, it means very bad or very unpleasant.

Examples are:

  1. What awful handwriting you have!
  2. With garbage scattered all over the beach, it looks awful.
  3. It was an awful experience for Clark to walk back home after his two-wheeler got punctured.

And I will feel awful if you don’t quickly put down a sentence with the word awful


And we have 10 words today – that is very good. You have been learning English – that also is very good. Let’s use the word incredible. 

Incredible means something that is so good or kind of unbelievable. 


  1. That is an incredible story Marty
  2. Team A’s incredible dance performance won them the award for best dancers. 
  3. Or you can tell your friends that the 21 day English speaking course on ChetChat is incredible. 

And if there are some other words with very that you find yourself using often, put them down as a comment and I will include them in a future video. 

Quiz time it is! In the set of questions that you will see, choose the word that is most appropriate from the words given in the brackets. So, read the sentence, pause the video and write down your answers. 

So here you go:

  1. Before Ananya could begin working, she realized she had to organize her _____ room. (drenched, immaculate, cluttered)
  2. It had been 10 years since Hormuz took up the _____ job of cleaning cars. (fascinating, hilarious, monotonous)
  3. Both girls were _____ after a car drove into the pool of slush near them. (drenched, awful, awesome)
  4. The view of the sunset from my balcony was _____ yesterday. (immaculate, amazing, hilarious)
  5. Daisy was _____ by the evening as she had skipped her lunch to work. (awful, parched, starving)
  6. Spending a day at the hotel with no electricity was an _____ situation to be in. (cluttered, awful, monotonous)
  7. Radha wanted her room to look _____ as her friends were visiting her. (immaculate, amazing, parched)
  8. Since the water got over within the first few hours of camping, Joey returned home with a parched throat. (parched, starving, cluttered)
  9. Bungee jumping was a most _____ experience for the couple. (fascinating, monotonous, hilarious)
  10. In class, everyone wanted to be friends with Vinod as they found his antics _____ . (hilarious, awful, fascinating)

Now is the moment you have all been waiting for. Here are the solutions to Quiz No. 2. 


  1. b) I have a beautiful garden.
  2. a) The birds are feeding on seeds.
  3. c) I want to see the Statue of Liberty.
  4. d) Roses and red and the sky is blue.
  5. a) Lara switched on the TV.
  6. (S) – The sun (S) – rises in the East.
  7. (S) – The child (S) – hurt his foot.
  8. (S) – Sincerity and dedication (S) – lead to success.
  9. (S) – Hay (S) – Make while the sun shines (P)
  10. (S) – A crackling sound – the man heard (P)
  11. Interrogative sentence 
  12. Imperative sentence
  13. Declarative or Assertive sentence
  14. Exclamatory sentence
  15. Declarative or Assertive sentence

Happy learning!


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