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Stop Using These Common Words to Wish Someone in English

by Chetna Vasishth

Happy Birthday
Sounds like an old cliche
Happy Anniversary,
badly needs diversity
could do with some mutations
and Good Luck
Help me! Please, shucks !
We often repeat these expressions
But create no positive impressions
So today we will learn new ways to wish
And let’s begin the video in a swish

Hey, this is Chetna and you’re watching ChetChat. Today we will learn some fun expressions that you can use when it’s celebration time.

Happy Birthday

How about we say something like this instead –

1. Wishing you many more candles to blow – is a sweet way of saying May you live long. I remember this song from my childhood – May you live to be a 100 and
3, It’s a hap hap happy birthday, A hap happy birthday to you.
2. A million magic wishes to you!
3. Let’s raise a toast to you and your life – this is good for a peer or a friend
4. Have a good one or Have a great one – I tend to use this very commonly
5. Congratulations on another spin around the sun
6. Congratulations on surviving another year! – if your friends like dark humour
7. Sending laughter and joy on your way – this can be used in a semi-formal situation
8. Happy Happy to you – when you want to be affectionate and cute – I like this one for close friends and family
9. HBD – whatsapp – this is good on groups where you don’t want to sound cheesy – though I am not in favour of group wishes, try sending the same whatsapp message to them directly if possible

Above all, what matters when you wish someone is that you make them feel special. Sound happy and go out of your way to send the greetings personally and warmly.

Happy Anniversary

It is really dull and boring to say Happy anniversary, so how about we say –

1. Here’s to another great year of being together
2. Love and happiness to one of our all time favourite couples
3. Another year, another great reason to celebrate
4. Still in this together. Love that – to your own spouse
5. Warm anniversary wishes to my two dearest friends
6. It’s so cool that two of my favorite people are married to each other
7. You two are truly an inspiration – can be used for a landmark anniversary

Make sure you sound happy and very enthusiastic while wishing someone, because more than the words, this is what they will remember the most.


1. Congrats or Congo – this is the most obvious short form, but this also can be very lack luster and insincere
2. Well done ! – is formal and short
3. Good on you or Good for you – this is kind of like saying well deserved
4. You rock / You’re on a roll – originated from rocking and rolling – you rock and you’re on a roll
5. Fabulous work
6. Good Job or Good Show
7. I am impressed or I am deeply impressed with you
8. Felicitations – if someone is getting married – Latin for good wishes
9. You really deserved it – can be said to someone younger, with a gentle pat on the back as well
10. Hats off to you or Hat Tip – respect
11. Way to go – is also appropriate for a team sport cheer
12. Three cheers (for) … the promotion
13. Kudos (to) the debate team – informal and also used in offices
14. G.O.A.T – greatest of all times

Good Luck

1. I wish you good tidings (or glad) – it would be best to use it when talking to someone who is awaiting news. For example, it would be a perfect phrase for someone expecting medical test results.
2. You’ll do great – when someone is just going in for an exam perhaps
3. Knock them dead or just Knock ‘em dead – or kill it – which sounds bad but it’s just a way of wishing them luck
4. Go break a leg – especially if they are going on stage – this phrase has been around since 1000 AD
5. Blow them away – or blow someone’s mind with how well you perform – this is appropriate for a public performance or an interview
6. Fingers crossed – hoping for the best – when the result is awaited you can say, fingers crossed
7. Knock on wood / touch wood – to ward of bad luck
8. All the very best for your exam
9. Wishing you lots of luck
10. Bring home the trophy – if someone is going for a match or a sporting event

So wishing you all also lots of luck and go break a leg…

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