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Top 10 Best Free Apps for Students

by Chetna Vasishth

Hey there, So for this article, my team and I have been downloading some of the best apps and using them for months, before finalising our list of Top 10 Free apps that every student must use. 

First of all I must make it clear that all the apps that I have chosen are free and none of the apps are sponsored. We used the following criteria to pick these apps

  1. Multiple Genres – Utility for students in different aspects e.g. news, podcasts, photo editing, games, studies, fitness, finances etc.
  2. Free apps with Minimally disturbing ads
  3. Reviews – at least 4*
  4. Minimum 5-10 M downloads mostly – though a few newer apps have been included because of their extremely high ratings.

So let’s get going with the 10 apps which are in no particular order, they are all 10 great apps for different purposes. So I in fact use all 10 of them – 

  • Inshorts

Scrolling through news websites and twitter feeds can be time consuming.

Inshorts gives you byte sized information in just 60 words or news on a single page

You can easily swipe and get the detailed news report for any particular news item that interests you. For the rest I find that a one page summary is usually enough. There are a few ads in between, but it is easy to just swipe them away. 

The best part of Inshorts is that the news is updated frequently, so you always have the latest happenings.

Inshorts has 100M + downloads and is rated 4.8* I


  • Google Podcasts

I extensively listen to podcasts, especially while walking or chilling. I have spoken about podcasts in several videos as a means to improve your English. Without a doubt, google never fails to deliver a valuable product. 

The best podcasts for free, easy to search and no ads. Google Podcasts offers a wide range of categories. From news to comedy, science to sports all under a single platform. 

What I tend to do is that I download the podcasts which I wish to listen to and the app stores them for a month. And then I can listen to them in offline mode without a worry. So, if you have not downloaded it already, this is one app you must use often.

Google podcasts has 10M+ downloads and is rated 4.6*on the playstore


  • Brainly – The Homework App

I can’t believe that someone actually made this app,I mean why wasn’t this there when I was in school –

A homework app with homework answers, seriously! . All you have to do is to take a photo of the question and bingo – you get a step by step solution to your problem. Whether it’s a maths problem or civics the stress is all upon the app. And it has some NCERT text books too where the questions have been answered with explanations. 

Brainly has 50M+ downloads and is rated 4.3*


  • Brain It On

I am totally addicted to this one – well it’s a fun physics game. But it’s crazy fun. Spoiler! It’s not as simple as it seems. So, challenge yourself to cross the levels without using the hints option. I found it super addictive. Initially I was just randomly drawing lines and curves, but soon you discover that there are some basic principles of physics like levers and gravity that you need to take into account. 

But wait, if you are too smart for the initial levels, try community levels. 

Brain it on has 50M+ downloads and is rated 4.3*


  • Canva

This is my go to app, to make YouTube Thumbnails or instagram posts. It has the widest range of free templates – like .. read from the app – scroll downwards. Let’s see how you can create a design. There is no better graphic design app for social media posts.

All social media posts

Canva is an editor’s choice app with 50M+ downloads and 4.7* rating.


  • Medito 

The ratio of mental activity against physical activity has almost 

doubled from our previous generation. That’s why we have always spoken about the importance of focusing and concentrating, being calm and stress free.

No Ads, no subscriptions, no confusing options, from powerful sounds to soothing guided meditations, that’s how a meditative app should be. An app built and managed by volunteers. You can scroll through various topics, you will get a new session each day. You can choose the duration, the background sound or the speaker.

And the unique part is, you can also join the volunteering team to bring some positive impact in building the app.  

This is a relatively new app with 100K+ downloads, but the reviews were 4.9* so we included this in our list


  • Impact

What if I tell you an app that motivates you high enough to break your lazy mode and move? What if I tell you that yours each step will not only make you healthier but also push the society one step ahead of yesterday. Yes, you heard it right and the app is Impact.

It has a very unique concept. For every 1 Km you walk, the app will donate Rs10 to charity you have chosen from the options. You can maintain every day’s record and compete with other fellow mates. You also have an option to create a group for a bigger impact. 

Impact has 1M+ downloads with 4.7* ratings


  • Cake 

Yes, the app makes learning English as smooth as Cake. The fun part is, the learning module is created from clips from shows, movies. Not limited to this, they also have an option for 

Speaking practice and practising real conversations by speaking. You also have an option to choose a language to learn English from. Cake is hugely popular. 

It has 10M+ downloads with a 4.8* rating


  • Settle Up

A part of a student’s life is always occupied with various group projects, group outings, shared apartments, travelling or pool dinners. And maintaining finances is always stress. Keeping that in mind, our next app is group finance management app called   

All you have to create a group and ask your teammates to join that group with a specific link or code. And it’s done. Shared expense records. Now whenever there is an expense, any of the group members can add that expense and can choose either to divide it equally or owe it to any specific person. And the good part is every expense or settlement recorded has an edit history to know which team member added or deleted any particular expense. All expenses are backed up so every member can see them. 

So no more fighting over who pays the bill. 

Settle up has 1M+ downloads with a rating of 4.7*


  • Google Tasks

We have always talked about how much it’s important to break our tasks for better management. The best feature of the app is its minimalist design. It’s smooth to create a list of tasks and super fun to check out the tasks once done. Moreover, its setting alarm feature for any of the tasks makes it much useful in reminding you at the right time. Or you can use the alarm feature to set a specific time to complete the task.

Another noticing factor is, the app is completely free, not just the app but free from ads. 

Google tasks has 5M+ downloads and is rated 4.5*

Comment down your favourite app from the list or the apps you have already been using. 

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