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Top 10 Most Popular Instagram Accounts of All Time (Not Sponsored)

by Chetna Vasishth

Instagram is ten-years-old now and we cannot imagine our life without it in such a small period. But is it just for time pass or can we use it to get some valuable nuggets of information? Maybe Yes.

So, I will share with you my Top 10 Instagram accounts which have been very fulfilling and meaningful for me to follow and I thought, why don’t I share my list with you. So, while curating this list, my team and I made sure that

  1. All the accounts are verified by Instagram with a Blue Tick.
  2. None of the accounts is sponsored, I want to repeat this for you – this is NOT a sponsored video
  3. Most of the accounts have more than a million followers and some have over 100M followers.
  4. The accounts cover a wide variety of genres like wildlife, history, the future, science, statistics, English, Space and more.

So let’s begin with my top 10 Instagram pages to follow

1. National Geographic with 157M Followers

This is one of the ten most followed accounts on Instagram, with over 130 photographers contributing content for the page. Their photographers also occasionally share photography tips related to how they captured a particular shot. But it’s not just about the catchy pictures but the inspiring stories associated with it that makes it special. The captions have some gripping stories behind the photos which will feed you with immersive insights from wildlife around the world. What I love about NatGeo is their stories, they post 3-5 stories every week which are live recordings from the wild, taking you straight into a gripping hunt or chase sequence.

And I am looking out for your favourite Insta pages, so remember to drop a comment for me below.

2. HumansofNY with 11 Million Followers

Humans of NY or Humans of New York is without a doubt, the most meaningful account that I follow. Multiple channels have been created in the same concept. Example (point on screen) “OfficialHumansofBombay”). Started by Photographer Brandon Stanton who would roam the streets of New York and capture images of people he found on the road and spoke to them about their lives. On the page you will find people who have successfully fought back deadly diseases or drug addiction or have married into the same gender or overcame bullying or disability. Humans of New York is filled with thousands of inspiring stories of regular people like us. He’s also written a number 1 ranked Best selling book which might interest you as well.

3.  8Fact with 8.1 Million Followers.

Did you know if you search “askew” in your google search the window and search result will tilt slightly to the right? I didn’t know either. Try it once. 8FAct is by 9GAG and it will give you this and many other crazy facts. Like did you know, all the US Army helicopters are named after indigenous North American Tribes? And did you also know that Michael B Jordan’s father’s name was Micheal A Jordan. So, it goes on with interesting pieces of information like this. Beware! It’s quite addictive though.

4. Futurism with 1.3 Million Followers

Did you know Tesla’s Senior Industrial designer Remy Labesque has redesigned chocolate chips from cubes to uniform polygon chips? He works part-time for a chocolate start-up called Dandelion Chocolates and the company says this will melt more quickly while baking. Interesting huh? But just a little sneak into the future we are heading towards.
The Futurism account posts multiple feeds and stories related to all the futuristic changes happening in the world from the pen on your table to the space crafts. So, scroll down to the future.

5. Statista with 251 thousand Followers.

Statista has a very peculiar way of presenting data with catchy colours and graphs. Also, the topics covered by them is very informative and relevant as a general knowledge like “Highest-Valued Start-ups in the world” or “The Countries Worst Affected by Terrorism”.
Their recent post for example reveals that YouTube is the most watched social media platform, contrary to what many people thought. So, I can assure you that you would never scroll by their feed without an informative takeaway.
And by the way if you want our list of Top 10 Free Apps for every Student and the Top 10 Free Study apps, then I will drop a link for you in the description box below

6. BBClearningenglish with 2.8 Million Followers.

This account is a school in itself. They have a very easy explanation pattern using whiteboards or sometimes animations. Their teachers are also fun to watch and their teaching styles are suitable for a child to an adult. They run multiple series like “Children Stories” or “News Review”. So, learning English on Instagram! Next time mommy says keep your phone down, tell her “I’m learning English’!

7. Physics Fun with 1.9 Million Followers

I love their super innovative physics toys and in fact I watch some of their videos on loop just to figure out how something like that could be possible. Reading the explanation in the comment helps understanding and getting excited about physics, because Physics indeed describes the real magic in the universe.

So if you want to see real magic, then this is the page for you.

8. History with 6.4M Followers

History’s Instagram Account is unique, creative and informative. They have a series called “This Day In History”, in which they post every day about the prominent events that happened in the past on the same date with awesome images. Also, their video-series “HISTORY at Home” will always feed you with new historical knowledge whenever you scroll your Instagram feed.

9. StartupStoriesOfficial with 375 thousand Followers

Recently Elon Musk has grabbed the position of world’s second-richest person in the world, previously held by Bill Gates. The world business is changing like never before and we cannot be untouched by its impact. So, to understand the mindsets, inspirations, stories, latest updates of the Start-up world, you know where to head over now. It’s a relatively small account but it will give you your daily dose of inspiration.

10. NASA with staggering 65 Million Followers.

Without a doubt, it’s a must-follow account. They really publish out of the world content. I will mark them 10 out of 10 as their engagement ratio. NASA organises Q&A with the astronauts, publishes multiple series like “How we are going to the Moon”, unseen pictures of the universe, rocket engineering and what not! A great package of knowledge, inspiration and imagination from their IG Channel combined with some glorious satellite images and videos.

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