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Top 8 Skills to Learn for Students | Important Skills They Don’t Teach You at School | ChetChat

by Chetna Vasishth

Today we are talking about the 8 important things they don’t teach you at school. And for that you and I are going off on an adventure together. We will pack our bags and head off to Egypt together. It’s going to be a lot of fun, but there are a few rules of this game

  1. Tickets are fully paid for.
  2. We have very little money with us to navigate our trip.
  3. We have never been there before so everything is new to us.
  4. The only language we know is English and the locals speak very little English.
  5. There is a baggage restriction so we are allowed to carry only 8 things with us to succeed.

And these 8 things will represent the 8 important skills we must add to the bag of life in order to be successful.

Hey ChetChatters, this is Chetna and you’re watching ChetChat. And today we are off on an adventure, where we will discover what 8 important skills we all need to be successful in life and since these are not taught at school, we also need to figure out how to acquire these skills easily.

So, let’s talk about our fun trip to Egypt. It’s time to pack your bags. Remember that we are allowed to carry 8 things with us, so how about you pause this video and write down your list of 8 things that you will put into your bag. And now, I will tell you the 8 items I chose and which skill they represent.

  1. Mobile Phone or Digital Skills

I could never have thought of a trip without a mobile device and hence the Digital Skills come into play. We might not need to hack a supercomputer but we cannot think of a future world without a digital presence.We often complain that we don’t understand the basics of coding since we are commerce students or we don’t know how to use microsoft Excel as we are Science students. But more than half of the future world will exist digitally. So, digital skills will be most essential – like understanding the functioning of the internet, elements of video creation, learning about digital currencies, and familiarity with large data.

Also, keeping a close eye on the innovations of the digital giants like Google, Facebook, Tesla, Adobe and Amazon etc will help us to predict the path of the digital world and prepare ourselves accordingly.

2. Local currency or Financial Skills

Remember our limited budget and here comes the importance of financial skills in our life.

I don’t mean for you to understand the financial statements of a company but this is about having the basic k

nowledge to handle personal finances. The right investment, importance of insurance, knowledge of provident fund and pension

schemes, basic rules of taxation are not just the specialist’s work but a necessity to create a sound financial support system for life.

So, start early. You can use apps like Finshots, Small case or Economic Times to keep yourself regularly updated

3. Local Guide book or Presentation Skills

Now, none of us know the local language, besides we have never visited Egypt before. And who knows what kind of network we will get there. So, I decided to carry a guide book for Egypt including basics of vocabulary and tips on local culture and etiquette’s. And here comes the importance of presentation skill. The skill to express your thoughts and ideas to anyone effectively.

Days are gone when only the leader of the group or the manager needs to present the overall results and analysis of the team. Each one of us would need to give a presentation these days or even do public speaking. So, better we are equipped with the skills of presentation and public speaking, the higher the chance of growth and success in the future.

4. Clothes and Accessories or Fashion Skills

This was the toughest decision, which clothes to carry so that they don’t look very experimental and fit into the local culture and also the weather conditions, besides of course making us look good. This is where Fashion skills come into play in our life.
Fashion is not limited to looks but also utility. Once Edith Head, eight times Oscar winner costume designer said, “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”
From interviews to a festive occasion, socializing in a café to attending a party. Your fashion skill speaks louder before you even utter a single word. So, let’s remove the old-school idea of fashion being all about brands and requiring huge expenses and let’s begin by educating ourselves through pinterest, fashion magazines, designer’s blogs or fashion talk shows and whatnot.
We need to mark the roads to success with our own individual and stylish footprints.

5. Ready to Eat food or Cooking Skills

They say Good food is good mood. We all feel homesick when we don’t get good and healthy food especially when we travel. So, I decided to pack a few of my favourite spices, and ready to cook food ingredients with me. Along with that I also packed my cooking skills and the desire to pick up some local cooking ideas from Egypt.
The lockdown has shown us that there is no greater skill than being able to cook a good meal for your family with limited ingredients. So, cooking skills had to be one of the top 8 most important skills to learn in life

6. A Medicine kit or De-Stressing Skill

The next item in my bag are some basic medicines and energy supplements to cope with the daily hustle of the trip. In our daily routine we might not prefer medicines all the time but we definitely need a stress-free life and here we call it the De-Stressing skill.

So, what is this De-stressing skill? It means the ability to calm yourself without any external means of support. Without taking a huge cup of coffee or without chatting with your friends. All by yourself. Sounds magical right? But completely practical. A daily habit of exercise, meditation, a balanced and realistic future goal, a little bit of patience and the right diet is all you need. The habit of spending time with yourself will give you the inner strength to run through the dusty roads of the future.

Though listening to your favourite song sometimes will not be a bad option either.

7.  Camera or a diary which is The Skill of Learning how to Learn

The entire journey taught me so much that I could easily handle any new place after that. I learnt the method of learning new things in a new place and a camera played a great role in that. Like taking the right pictures to recall a street or my hotel. And herein lies the importance of learning how to learn.

Renowned futurist Peter Diamandis, Recently named by Fortune as one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders,” has stated that we are in a period of rapid demonetization which means technology is rendering previously expensive products much cheaper or even free like free international video calling for instance.

So, how do we tackle this? Michael Simmons, the founder of the ‘Learning How To Learn Group’ (world’s largest and most active online community for learning how to learn) has an answer for that.

He suggests the “Five-Hour Rule”. He looked across the habits of the most successful people in the world and found that no matter how busy they were, they found at least five hours a week to learn something new or practice a skill.
So carve out 5 hours from your week, it could be three hours on the weekend and two hours during the week or any other combination. Read, learn, practice and grow. This will help our mind adapt to a pattern of learning anything quickly and will make us future-proof.

8. Passport or Selling Skills

Before entering a country the authorities ask for the “purpose of your visit” and any fishy behaviour and answer can lead to unwanted circumstances and hence comes the importance of selling skill in our lives.

Selling skill is one of the most important skills for the new future. By selling-skills, I mean to convince anyone for your desired objective. It could be a product or an idea. Even if you look for a job or internship, the employers look at how well you can sell yourself for the position.

Working on your selling skills not just helps you to sell better but also empowers you to differentiate between genuine sales to you or a bogus in the world full of digital piracy and crimes.

So, how about your next read be the book “Influence” by Robert Cialdini to feed you with all the required knowledge.

I would love to read your list of 8 items that you decided to pack and the skills to go with those in the comment section below. And if you have enjoyed this video do hit that like button below.

Meantime stay happy, keep growing and happy learning.


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