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Tufts University student experience

by Chetna Vasishth

This article is a transcript of a VideoChetChat withAtreyo Sinha, a Senior from Tufts University who talks about an Economics and International Relations major, Career options, Visa issues, Taking classes at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Advice for International students, the Tufts Stereotype and lots more!

1. Tufts University

  1. Tufts is a small college, 1300 per year
  2. It is an Undergraduate heavy university
  3. Few graduate schools – Tufts University School of Medicine (Tufts School of Medicine/ Tufts medical centre), Tufts Dental School (Tufts University School of Dental Medicine) and Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
  4. Tufts is a very political campus
  5. Class sizes at Tufts are small, there is one on one student focus, friendships are made easily
  6. It’s a closed campus in the suburbs of Boston – in Medford and Summerville
  7. Tufts is 15 minutes from Boston
  8. Tufts University Campus Tour

2. Economics and Industrial Relations

  1. Distribution requirements and foundation requirements at Tufts are flexible
  2. Students play a role in determining these requirements
  3. The student body has a Senate and an Educational body within the Senate.
  4. Atreyo served on the Educational body of the Tufts Senate for some time
  5. Middle path between Brown University and Columbia University

3. Fletcher School

  1. Fletcher school is a Graduate school of Public Policy
  2. The professors and students are great resources
  3. You can access their resources and hang out with them if you want
  4. The professors who teach them also teach the undergrads
  5. You can cross register at the Fletcher School of Law and diplomacy

4. Career Options

  1. Politics
  2. Finance, Consulting, Business
  3. Marketing and Start-Ups
  4. Law School
  5. Visas are complicated
  6. Master’s Degree improve the chances of the Visa
  7. OPT is 12 months and STEM gives you a 29 months extension
  8. H1B Visa has 65,000 slots, the master’s degree adds another 20,000 slots. 250,000 people apply every year
  9. Work for a Corporate and hope that they apply for the visa

5. Activities

  1. Atreyo over involved himself in activities initially
  2. Tufts Mock Trials – is an intercollege activity which is a courtroom simulation, a phenomenal team activity
  3. Tufts Senate – student elected body. He worked at the Education committee which determined the academic calendar and courses, minors etc.
  4. 180 consulting
  5. He rushed in a fraternity

6. Social Life

  1. Enrolment into fraternities is on the decline
  2. Greek life is on a decline in Tufts University
  3. Social life at Tufts College is fun regardless
  4. Tufts Student life is fun
  5. Tufts University Party
  6. Tufts University Student Life

7. Advice for International Students

  1. Tufts College has a sizeable international community
  2. We often don’t understand American college culture
  3. There are sporadic instances of racism
  4. Keep regular contact with home

8. The Tufts Stereotype

  1. Quirky
  2. People are eclectic and passionate
  3. Come from very different backgrounds and pursue different interests passionately
  4. Not very high on the party scene, not very high on Greek life but has one of the happiest students, you can do what you want
  5. Small liberal arts colleges tend to be supportive
  6. No shortage of resources or things to do
  7. A tight knit community

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