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University of Pennsylvannia student experience

by Chetna Vasishth

This article is a transcript of a video interview with Krish Mehta, a sophomore from University of Pennsylvania about his experience at University of Pennsylvania (UPenn). Read on to know about their unique dual degree programs, the viper program, how to change your majors, how Penn is different from other Ivy’s, Penn Innovation Conference, SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition, The Social Ivy tag and much more!

Krish Mehta talks about

1. Location –

  1. Univ of Pennsylvania is located in Philadelphia
  2. Mid-sized school with a batch size of 2400 students
  3. Four major schools – school of nursing, Wharton School, School of Engineering and the School of Arts and Science
  4. Campus is in a Penn bubble and you’re also in Philadelphia

2. Dual Degrees –

  1. University of Pennsylvania offers dual degree programs
  2. He is part of the VIPER program – an energy research focused program, hosted in two schools
  3. Mechanical Engineering from the School of Engineering and Physics from the School of Arts and Sciences
  4. He changed from Physics to Economics and move out of the VIPER program
  5. VIPER was his dream program, he applied Early decision (ED) to Penn
  6. Change of Majors was very easy

3. High School Advice –

  1. Keep an open mind and try new things

4. Penn Innovation Conference –

  1. They brought in start ups
  2. UPenn culture encourages start ups
  3. The conference brought start-ups together on the same platform
  4. University of Pennsylvania Alums were the contributors

5. Engineering challenge –

  1. The Hyper loop is a new mode of transportation
  2. Hyper loop is cheaper, more efficient and runs on renewable energy
  3. The SpaceX Engineering Hyperloop Pod competition was for engineers to design the Pod
  4. Professors from the Mechanical Engineering department of University of Pennsylvania contributed
  5. He feels the school is very supportive

6. Consulting club

  1. 180 degrees consulting is a career path that he may like to follow
  2. At Penn consulting is big

7. Social Ivy –

  1. University of Pennsylvania is a social place
  2. Work Hard and Party Hard school
  3. Greek Life is large – 45% of students are involved in Greek life

8. How Penn is unique

  1. University of Pennsylvania students are work hard and party hard students
  2. Typical Penn student is the one who parties hard and studies hard too

9. Philadelphia –

  1. Penn is close to downtown Philadelphia
  2. Food in Philadelphia is great
  3. Restaurants are plenty in Philadelphia
  4. Food Trucks are plenty, cheap and amazing food

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