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Why is it important to Fail?

by Chetna Vasishth

This is a transcript of a video chat with Ashish Jaiswal, PhD from University of Oxford who talks about why it is important to fail? Why success happens because of failure, why is it important to fail in life and why being a failure is a good thing also why failure is important in life. Ponder over the question of is failure necessary for success and why failure is necessary for success. Watch this failure motivational video and a motivational video along with a motivational speech.

Ashish talks about the two key reasons why people fail

  1. They may not be good at something OR
  2. They are trying something new and path-breaking for new ground

He feels that most often it is an attempt to try something new and innovative that leads to failure. He further says that innovation and creativity are the rock beds of success and a fear of failure could discourage people from being creative. Hence, it is important for people to realise that every success happens because of failure and not despite failure.

Failure is not our personal enemy, it is our friend that is telling us how to be a better version of ourselves. Most people who have done something great in life have failed. Failure is like a feedback loop that is telling us how to improve ourselves.

Steve Jobs grew up in California in a largely techie environment, however, it was his liberal arts education that sowed the seeds of success. The first Mac was designed in a garage where Steve was wearing traditional Indian clothes and listening to south Indian music on a loop.

Ashish talks about how liberal arts and science students are treated differently. Sundar Pichai says ‘go beyond your books. Tim Cook also talks about ‘engaging with the other side’ which makes you a human being.  Tom Kelley of IDEO says that magic happens at the intersection at disciplines.

An Oxford study predicted that most mid-level jobs will be replaced by machines. Ashish gives us advice on how we can protect our careers and not get replaced by machines. A student should focus on perfecting our container instead of focussing on learning the content. If you perfect your container, than handling the content will be easier. This comes from reading more across disciplines. Inculcate multi-dimensional intelligence. Remaining fresh, original and understanding that multiple skills will help us remain higher than machines.

There is a lot of pressure from the system, peers and parents and we feel that if we stumble once, we are failures for life. We need to be a constant learner, a lifelong learner. Every great mind has experienced failure and every great breakthrough has happened because of failure. We feel like we don’t have time and we must achieve everything today. A recent study suggested that the average age of a successful start up founder is 42.5 years, so there is no rush to get there. Life always offers you a second chance.

Visualise yourself on a highway where there is no one competing with you. You are competing only with yourself. Your only work is to better yourself. Failure leads directly to success.

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