DiW full name Designa Individual is a rising star in the watch modification industry

Watches have always had a group of modified players, and Rolex is the main target of these players. Famous names such as Bamford in the United Kingdom, MAD Paris in France, etc., and Artisans de Geneve in Switzerland are also famous. These watch modification brands have different styles and each has its own specialties. And DiW (full name Designa Individual) is a rising star in the watch modification industry.

DIW carbon Rolex daytona
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Designa Individual (hereafter referred to as DiW) is a watch modification brand from Belgium, founded in 2011 by Belgian designers Victor Rampel and Morris Rampel. However, DiW started as a luxury customized mobile phone series, initially just a small factory. It slowly developed to now focus on custom-made watches and set up a headquarters in Russia. Customized watches are mainly based on Rolex, including the four series of Rolex Skywalker, Daytona, GMT and MILGAUSS. In addition, the more famous Konstantin Chaykin Joker watch also accepts custom modifications.

And DiWs most famous modified watch is its CARBON DAYTONA Daytona series, and unlike other modified watches we are familiar with, DiW replaced the Rolex Daytona with carbon fiber material and matched it with a canvas strap. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, it is said to weigh less than 50 grams, so it is known as the "lightest Rolex modified watch". Carbon fiber material is a very popular watch material now. It has a unique texture and appearance, as well as superior performance, light weight but very strong. Because each watch has a different carbon fiber texture, it can be said that each DiW Daytona is unique. Of course, DiW's CARBON GMT watch is the same.

DIW carbon Rolex daytona

In addition to the carbon fiber material that gives DiW Rolex a refreshing feel, DiW Rolex also incorporates its own good design into the modified watch, such as this CARBON Daytona watch full of casino colors, the watch cleverly uses the circle The design of the type dial restores the 36-cell design in the roulette. As for Daytona's iconic three Chronograph design, it becomes the betting area on the gaming table. The red canvas strap makes the watch more visually impactful. By the way, DiW's canvas is made of nylon on the outside and cowhide on the inside, so the comfort is ok.

Not only that, DiW is also a master of color. The carbon fiber case and dial are matched with canvas straps of different colors such as red, yellow, blue, green, etc., echoing the hour markers or dials of the same color, young, fashionable, avant-garde, cool and individual... A series of feelings came out. That's right, it's the smell of DiW Rolex. Popular elements such as camouflage also appear in DiW's modified Rolex watches, which definitely make people shine, making it hard to believe that Rolex can grow like this. We can basically see that DiW Rolex, especially its proud carbon fiber Rolex, has avant-garde personality, fashionable and cool, and is very suitable for young people who are chasing individuality and trends. In terms of style, compared to Bamford Rolex, MAD Paris Rolex, etc., it also appears more dynamic and "exaggerated".

In addition to men, DiW Rolex also has some modifications for female consumers, such as the above Rolex Daytona in light blue, black and white or rose red, fresh blue, seductive pink and luxurious "rainbow ring" on the bezel. "It is indeed very attractive to women. The simple and clear black and white match is more advanced and outstanding. DiW Rolex also has a more famous design, that is his graffiti literal dial. Because of its popularity, DiW has launched graffiti literal dials in different colors, which has the meaning of using it as the brand's iconic design. At the same time, DiW also extended this graffiti design to its own customized mobile phone back shell. In fact, not only the graffiti design, but also the design of many DiW modified watches and customized mobile phone back shells are linked, and we can see similar elements. DiW's most famous modified watch is its carbon fiber Rolex Daytona, in addition to carbon fiber GMT watches and buying Diw Carbon Fiber Rolex Clones. In contrast, although its Skywalker and Milgauss modifications occasionally have bright spots, in general they are still playing with black-plated case and blue-plated case. In contrast, the dial is more attractive. For example, the dial of DiW Skywalker is modified into a two-color 24-hour display ring centered on the earth and a world time zone city ring. DiW MILGAUSS has designs such as graffiti panels.

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