2020 Oysterflex Rubber Strap Sky-Dweller, High performance elastic rubber composite strap

Sky-Dweller was released in 2012 and is the latest brand new product from Rolex. It is also the most complicated work in the contemporary lineup. In its 42mm case, it contains a date display, a dual time zone indicator and the brand's first annual calendar function. Of the three first representative models, the gold and white gold models are paired with a three-chain Oyster bracelet, while the Everose rose gold models are equipped with a brown alligator strap. In 2014, three other models were added, namely the gold and white gold models with leather straps, and the Everose models on the matching Oyster bracelet. In 2017, stainless steel first appeared. The stainless steel/golden yellow and stainless steel/platinum models have significantly reduced the price of the Rolex Sky-Dweller. The dial has also replaced the Arabic numerals with sticks. Now the off-center GMT dial also uses a matching color and is extended Pointers to simplify readability. There have been no major upgrades since then. However, since the last pure gold belt watch was discontinued a few years ago, the product has only been paired with an Oyster bracelet. This obviously limits the attractiveness to potential buyers. Its sky dweller replica version can be clicked here.

2020 Oysterflex Rubber Strap Sky-Dweller

Oysterflex is not a simple rubber watchband. It has two blades made of titanium and nickel alloy inside, giving it maximum flexibility and inherent strength. The covering layer is made of black elastic rubber, Oysterflex can shape itself according to the shape of the wearer's wrist. Rubber straps are widely used in the breitling, fake breitling waches in the links, their rubber straps are of high quality.

The outer coating has a raised central part on the top to increase depth and texture, and a longitudinal cushion on the bottom side to pull the elastomer away from the skin, allowing air to enter and helping to keep the watch stable. To a certain extent, Oysterflex has the appearance and comfort of a rubber strap and the durability of a metal bracelet. In addition, the Oysterflex strap of Rolexs new Sky-Dweller watch will be equipped with the brands new Glidelock extension system, which means its length can be adjusted in increments of 2.5 mm, up to a maximum of 15 mm. This overcomes the usual shortcomings of rubber straps-it cannot be fine-tuned.

2020 Oysterflex Rubber Strap Sky-Dweller

Although not the most eye-catching among Rolex's new 2020 watches, the Sky-Dweller equipped with Oysterflex is undoubtedly worthy of attention. There are six variants to choose from-the gold version and the Everose gold each have three dials to choose from. The gold model can choose a white, black sun or champagne dial, while the Everose model has a white, dark rhodium or chocolate brown dial. Cyclops lens is installed at the 3 o'clock position on the dial to facilitate reading the date. The Oyster waterproof case provides the best protection for the watch movement. The genius of Rolex in the Sky-Dweller design is that they also use the 12-hour marker to indicate the current month. The small square cut behind each mark indicates the current month when the square turns red (that is, the month shown in the image above is August 8th). The center of the dial also shows the second time zone selected by the wearer. Unlike the new Submariner, which has undergone major updates both inside and outside, the Rolex Sky-Dweller's case has not been reshaped and the movement has not been upgraded. Still powered by Calibre 9001, this movement is the heaviest movement of the brand and consists of 380 individual parts. Sixty of them are used for the smart Ring Command bezel system, which connects the outer rotating bezel with the inner movement so that it can act as an analog function selector Get more rolex replicas for sale, thus simplifying the setting process. The Ring Command system acts as a simplified interface between the wearer and the core of the watch. When the crown is unscrewed and pulled out to the first position, it will operate automatically. The rotatable bezel can be used as a function selector, turning counterclockwise to three different positions, 30 degrees apart. A stop is clearly defined as a tiny spring ball sliding into a small groove. Each function can be set by rotating the crown, and the crown has only a single setting position.

Each bezel position corresponds to a function, and the wearer can switch from one to another in any order. The first location can access the date and month settings. The second is to adjust the local time-the time changed during the journey to another time zone. The hour hand jumps in 1 hour increments until the new time is displayed. The third and last positions are used to set the home time by activating the eccentric disc and minute hand. Stop the second hand during this operation, allowing the watch to be set to the second accurate.

2020 Oysterflex Rubber Strap Sky-Dweller
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